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DMS Connect - Database User Guide

Database Instructions – Table of Contents

Page 2 – Login Page 3 – Start Screen Layout Page 4 – Address Book – View client list Page 5 – Address Book – Edit a client record Page 6 – Address Book – Add a client record, Delete a client record Page 8 – Address Book – Sort client records Page 8 – Export Client List

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DMS Database – Getting Started

To login to the DMS Connect Partner Portal database, go to www.dmsmarketing.ca and click on ‘Member Login’, choose “New Database Login” and click on the ‘Login Here’ link to the right to open up the login page below: Your User ID is the email we have on file for you, you will set up your own password through the activation link you received earlier.

Enter your username and password, click ‘Login’ to access your account.


Start Screen

Once logged in, you will land on the start screen. From the start screen you can: - Access your clients from your Address Book - Add clients to your Address Book - Export your client list to Excel


Address Book

Your client list is accessible through the Address Book on the opening screen. To open your entire client list, click the ‘magnifying glass’ on the top right of the screen next to the ‘Search’ bar, leave the search field blank.

If you’re looking for an individual client, you can type their last name into the search field to pull them up.


To Edit a Client Record

To Edit a Client, click on their name from the address book list. Their record will open up. Click the ‘MODIFY’ button at the bottom of the page. Here you can update addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

To save your data, click ‘MODIFY’ once more and the new information will be saved to your list. You will receive an ‘Update Successful’ message. Click ‘BACK’ to return to the address book.


Adding a Client

To add a new client to your mailing list, click the red circle at the bottom, right of the page.

You can choose to ‘Add Individual’ (Blue Icon) or to ‘Add Company’ (Yellow Icon). Click the appropriate icon.

An ‘ADD’ page will open to create your client’s record. Fill in the fields. Once complete, click the ‘SAVE’ button on the bottom, left of the screen. This client will be added to your mailing list.


Deleting a Client

In the Address Book, click on the name of the client you would like to delete. Click the ‘MODIFY’ button. This will open up their record. Scroll to the ‘Delete’ field and change the value to ‘YES’, click ‘MODIFY’ to save change.

This client will now show on your list with the word ‘Yes’ under the Delete column on their record. This means that client is flagged for deletion. The system purges delete records every 24 hours, Mon - Fri.


Sort Client Records

Client records can be sorted by any column visible in the address book. Simply click on the column header to sort records. You can change the sort from ascending to descending order by clicking on the column header a second time.

Client Export

Click ‘Client Export’ from the menu on the left hand side. A page will open up to confirm your list download, it will also tell you how many records you have on your mailing list.

Your client list will export to an excel spreadsheet sorted by last name (a – z). To print your mailing list from the excel spreadsheet, delete the columns that are not needed, save and print.


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