9 Monarchy Street - Adam Dinunzio

A MESSAGE FROM THE OWNERS Hello and welcome to 9 Monarchy Street. Thank you for taking the time to look at our home. We are a family of four and are the original owners of this home. I wanted to give you more context and information about the house that I don’t ex- pect you will learn within a 15 minute viewing. To start off, this is an amazing neighborhood and a great section of the street. In the evenings, there are no unwelcome noises. It is a very peaceful section of street. The neighbours are the best and everyone helps each other and gets along great. We all work as a team here. Even after we move we will remain friends with everyone here. The yard has lots of green space and quite often for the kids birthdays we rent very large commercial size bouncy castles which we place on the front yards. The driveway has a true 4 car parking with the sidewalk which is almost impossible to find. The garage is actually oversized and was considered a 1.5 car garage by the builder. It is completely full now but will be empty when you move in. The backyard is perfectly setup with a true 3 degree grade for water runoff which means no puddles or wet spots in the yard anywhere. The shed was designed and built to be a true 2 feet from the property line which follows the building codes of Barrie. In many cases you will see sheds placed against the fence against the building code. Because of this there is a nice walkway behind the shed which is a nice place to hide storage items (the shed also has 120V power included). There is also the fixture to insert a clothes drying rack cemented into the ground located 3 feet in front of the shed door. When the clothes rack is removed and stored in the shed, the kids can play in the backyard without getting hurt. The shed was also constructed higher off the ground so you can use it in the winter and be able to open the doors without being blocked by the snow. The rear of the house is South facing which is in my opinion the best for maximum backyard enjoyment, parties, lounging and sun tanning. You also get lovely sunshine in the living room and dining room all day long – perfect for cold winter days. In 2018 we completed an energy audit upgrade offered by Enbridge. This house achieved a 25% increase to the homes efficiency. The auditor mentioned that achieving 25% is extremely rare. To accomplish this savings we sealed all the elec- trical outlets, replaced the roof, increased the attic insulation, bought a high efficiency furnace and on demand hot water tank in addition to new windows (2017). The basement windows are still original because of their design and how they are set in the concrete foundation. In the basement bedroom, the most expensive pink fiberglass sound deadening insulation was used. In the basement hallway, a fire code sound deadening insulation was used in addition to fire code drywall along the stairs. If after moving day you wish to replace the handrails going to the basement, I have left them in the furnace room beside the dryer. It is handy to have them removed for when you are moving things up and downstairs. One added feature in the furnace room is the back-up sump pump. The main sump pump is less than 5 years old but in addition we added a high end back up pump for when we have power outages. The back-up pump uses water pressure so it will completely run even when the power is out. No batteries to maintain, completely maintenance free. In the attic, we added a second layer of R40 insulation batts which is something we did when the house was new. This holds heat nicely in the winter to keep the top floor warm. The two kid’s bedrooms and the main hall front closet have Solutions custom closet organizers which provide maximum storage capability and also have the ability to be further modified to your liking if you choose. You might appreciate the front hallway shoe rack that was designed for maximum storage using a small amount of space. Similar to the kids coat rack created from genuine barn board. The fence is nicely treated with a clear Behr stain from Home Depot which was applied every 2-3 years. The beautiful ga- zebo is genuine cedar with a metal roof which was upgraded by a structural designer to be strengthened for snow load so you don’t have to shovel it off in the winter. The Gazebo lights are also a nice touch for nighttime entertainment or simply reading a book under the lights. Thank you so much for taking the time to come and preview our house! As you can tell we have poured a lot of love into this house. We have loved living here, and know that you will too!

Best Regards,

Owner of 9 Monarchy

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