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HOW TO CHOOSE AN AGENT With a high number of real estate professionals vying for your business, what should you look for in the agent you choose? First, ask friends and family if they have anyone they can recommend and why they liked working with that particular agent. Not only will this give you some leads, but also help you consider what you want out of an agent. Next, look around your neighbourhood to see who is selling properties in your area. Who has a bus bench down the street or a card at the local coffee spot. Experts suggest contacting and meeting with a few different agents to find one that fits you and your needs before committing to one. At minimum, you’re going to want to look for someone who has good communication skills, is quick at replying to calls, messages or texts, has experience and knowledge of your local market. Aside from that, what is their marketing plan like - how do they market your home? Do they work with a team; do they have an assistant? Real estate doesn’t happen only 9am to 5pm, will your agent be available evenings and weekends? These are a few additional factors to consider. If you’re buying, and not selling, you’ll want someone who has a lot of negotiation experience and knowledge of different types of homes. Do they have a resource network available for you such as a mortgage broker, home inspector, lawyer, etc. At the end of the day, you want someone you feel comfortable with as this is likely going to be one of the largest financial transactions in your lifetime.

Being the middle of winter, you may be planning to get away to a tropical destination for a week or two. To keep your home and valuables safe while you’re away, follow these steps so you feel confident you’re not going to come home to a disaster. First, check with your insurance agent if your policy requires someone to check on your home on a regular basis while you’re away. Some policies won’t cover things like sewer backup if no one visits your home to check things out. Before a vacation is also a good time to provide an updated inventory list to your insurance provider too. Therefore, if someone does happen to break in, you’ll have a current list of valuables to make the insurance claim easier. Other than having someone house sit while you are away, the best thing to do is to make your home look lived in on the chance someone is watching your property. HOME SECURITY WHILE YOU’RE AWAY • • • •

Here are a few ideas: • Set lights (interior and exte Leave a radio or television Arrange for someone to rem Put your mail or parcel de pick them up for you Leave a few blinds or curt they’re usually open are a r With a little bit of foresight an home is safe while you are res this winter.

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