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One constant in times of uncertainty is the value and comfort that comes from returning home. Having a place to call home provides a sense of security that can be topped by few other things. Finding that home, matching a property with the right people, that’s the match-maker role of the REALTOR®.

One of the benefits of a career in real estate, and one of the reasons many choose the profession, is the opportunity it provides to meet people and to make a positive difference in their lives. Selling a house isn’t like selling a commodity such as a toothbrush or a pair of shoes – it’s much more than providing shelter. A home is something that becomes an integral part of a family, it is as much a part of that family as the people who reside within.

A home becomes central to the legacy of the people who live there and a REALTOR®, by arranging that meeting of property and persons, helps to launch a relationship that could conceivably last for generations to come. Invariably those who become successful in this profession are described as ‘people persons’ – they enjoy and get a rush out of making that match between the owner and their home. Making that ‘right’ match by pairing the perfect family with the ideal home is among the most satisfying experiences a professional can ever know.

1. What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years? 2. How much dirt is in a hole that measures 2 feet by 3 feet by 4 feet? 3. I have keys, but no locks. I have space, but no room. You can enter, but you can’t go outside. What am I? BRAIN TEASERS Courtesy of

Rebus puzzles Can you guess the words and expressions? 4. I have seas without water, coasts without sand, towns without people, and mountains without land. What am I? 5. A man shaves several times a day but still has a beard. Who is he? 6. A clerk in a butcher shop stands 5'10" and wears size 13 shoes. What does he weigh?

Answers: 1. The letter "M" 2. None 3. A computer keyboard 4. A map 5. A barber 6. Meat

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REBUS PUZZLE Rebus Puzzles have been designed to make thinking fun. The answers are right there, if you think about it. But finding them is all part of the creative adventure. Put your analytical skills to the test and try out these puzzles. Can you guess the words and expressions?

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overseas or overseas travel 5. Breakfast 6. Downtown 7. Eyeshadow 8. Stepfather 9. Once upon a time

Answers: 1. For once in my life (four ones in my life) 2. Forget it 3. Try to understand 4. Travel



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