Courtesy of Alex and Gai Michie


Volume 35 Number 3


When it comes to selling a home, staging the outdoor space is just as important as indoor staging. Even if your outdoor area is a small balcony, you want to present potential buyers with an idea of how to use the space. For example, buyers will want to get a feel for the different way furniture can be placed. If all you can fit in your outdoor space is a small bistro set, then play it up with throw pillows and a floral centrepiece. If you have a large outdoor space with multiple seating areas, designate those areas with throw

rugs and different seating options like patio tables and outdoor couches. How much outdoor space you have will dictate what you can do with the landscaping, the most important thing is that what you do have is neat and tidy. A few potted plants will only show well if they’re watered and weed-free. Likewise, a large yard with flower beds and a garden will only be appealing if everything is taken care of during the selling process.

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