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A great home improvement idea for this time of year (as we get ready to welcome autumn and ultimately winter) is to create a cozy reading nook where you can spend hours when the weather turns cooler enjoying the works of your favourite authors. From a cozy chair in your favourite spot to a built-in book nook, many bibliophiles are heading to the home improvement store to make their dream reading space a reality. Here are a few options if this sounds like something you want to do. 1. Turn a closet into a private reading getaway by replacing the doors with a curtain, installing a cozy bench with lots of pillows and installing a lamp or battery-powered light. 2. Create a reading space on a landing that otherwise may go unused by placing your favourite chair on a soft rug and adding a side table and footstool.

3. Utilize a bay window or window seat to create a perfectly lit reading spot. Take advantage of the natural light and install a seat cushion made from high-density foam with plenty of throw pillows and a blanket to keep warm. 4. Curtain off a corner of your bedroom, living room or den by installing hooks in the ceiling and hanging curtains from a rope tied between the hooks. You'll welcome the privacy and seclusion while you get lost in the words on the page (or screen.) These are only a few options on how to create the ideal reading space. Review home d├ęcor websites or magazines for further inspiration.


You can hear a blue whale's heartbeat from about 2 miles away (3.2 km). The lyrebird (native to Australia) can mimic any sound it hears - from other animals to humans to construction sounds! Only female mosquitoes bite. Roosters have built in ear-plugs to prevent themselves from

going deaf due to their loud crowing. When they open their beaks fully to crow, their external auditory canals are completely closed off. Under their white fur coats, the polar bear's skin is black. It helps to absorb heat and keep them warm while the white fur provides camouflage.



ROSETTA A Rosetta is made up of a centre coloured hexagon encircles by six white hexagons. 2



7 6


To complete the puzzle, fill in all seven Rosettas with each number between one and seven in no particular order while also ensuring that: 1. No number is repeated in a horizontal row. 2. Each number from one to seven are represented in the seven grey coloured hexagon cells.

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