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There are all kinds of home improvement to-dos you can easily put off – a small dent in the wall, a loose doorknob, that plugin behind the bed that doesn’t actually work. But there are a few tasks that can turn into huge problems if left too long. Keep an eye out for these three issues and head them off before they cause major damage – and cost major dollars. 1. An unhappy furnace. If your furnace begins making strange sounds or shows reduced efficiency, this could be signs of an old or clogged air filter. A relatively easy and inexpensive fix, which could save you thousands in the long run.

2. A problematic roof. While most homeowners know water spots on their ceiling are a sign of trouble, roof issues aren’t always so obvious. It’s best to inspect your roof regularly from the outside. Walk around your home and look for broken roofing materials, curled shingles and sagging rooflines. 3. Potential water damage. Aside from a leaky roof, water issues can come from many different sources. Damp carpet, loose tiles, peeling lino and warped wood are signs of a wet subfloor. Stains and mold growth are also signs of water damage and can come from leaking pipes and poor ventilation.

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