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Volume 13 Number 3

TIPSFORSTAGINGYOUROUTDOORSPACE When it comes to selling a home, staging the outdoor space is just as important as indoor staging. Even if your outdoor area is a small balcony, you want to present potential buyers with an idea of how to use the space. For example, buyers will want to get a feel for the different way furniture can be placed. If all you can fit in your outdoor

space is a small bistro set, then play it up with throw pillows and a floral centrepiece. If you have a large outdoor space with multiple seating areas, designate those areas with throw rugs and different seating options like patio tables and outdoor couches. How much outdoor space

you have will dictate what you can do with the landscaping, the most important thing is that what you do have is neat and tidy. A few potted plants will only show well if they’re watered and

weed-free. Likewise, a large yard with flower beds and a garden will only be appealing if everything is taken care of during the selling process.

CHICKENCAULIFLOWERTACOBOWL This Mexican-inspired recipe satisfies healthy eating requirements as well as the urge to have incredibly yummy things – and it doesn’t take long to make!

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INGREDIENTS : 1.5 pounds of chicken (thighs or breasts) boneless, skinless 2 large bell peppers (any color) 2 tablespoon olive oil, divided 1 packet taco seasoning 1 pound cauliflower rice or cauliflower crumbles DIRECTIONS: 1. Chop the chicken and slice the bell peppers.

1 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup salsa 1/4 cup chopped cilantro

and green onion 1 jalapeño, sliced 1 avocado, sliced

2. Heat 1 tablespoon olive oil in a large skillet, and add the chicken and bell peppers; saute until starting to brown. Add the seasoning, cooking until the chicken is cooked through. 3. Add the remaining olive oil to a large skillet over medium high heat. Add the cauliflower rice and salt, cooking until the cauliflower is warmed and slightly browned. 4. Divide the rice between 4 bowls, and top with chicken and peppers. Add sliced avocado, jalapeño, cilantro, green onion, and salsa.

HOWTOSPOTWATER ISSUES INABASEMENT If you’re buying a house with a basement, know that every basement has the possibility of water getting in simply by nature of it being in the ground. Water follows the path of least resistance and can find its way into a basement over time. Watch out for these potential warning signs that a basement has had water problems in the past, has current issues, or is a wet mess waiting to happen. Water stains. Water stains on walls and floors can be caused by circumstances other than outside water getting in. Perhaps a laundry tub overflowed or a pipe leaked, but has since been fixed. Still, it’s important to note them, ask questions, and look for other signs of water damage. Damp smell. Excess moisture has a musty, earthy smell. Again, a damp smell doesn’t necessarily mean water has come in through cracks in the foundation or slab, but pair it with water stains and other signs of dampness and the case for a wet basement strengthens. Mould spots. Just because something looks like mould, doesn’t necessarily mean it is mould. But any spots that look black, brown, yellow or green on walls, floors and ceilings should definitely be noted and further investigated. Mould can be a serious health concern, especially for young children, senior citizens and those with respiratory conditions. Water-removal equipment. If a basement is filled with large fans, pumps, mops and other equipment used to dry up excess water, take it is a sign that the basement indeed has water issues. However, don’t write the home off because of this. Perhaps there were water problems in the past and they’ve been dealt with. The best way to know for sure if it’s a current problem – or will cause problems again in the future – is to hire an independent building inspector.


Whether we have a lot of spare time in our lives or very little, we all need something that takes us away from work and life’s other stresses. Something that is enriching and just for us. Here are five fulfilling hobbies. Maybe one of them – or all of them – will help you live your best life. Yoga. There’s a reason yoga is a go-to activity for so many Canadians. Not only is it great for your body – it’s also a wonderful exercise for the mind. And because yoga is low impact, it can be done by anyone in any age group. Plus, thanks to free online videos, you can cultivate a practice from your own home – for free! Hiking. Hiking doesn’t have to involve trekking up and down mountains with gear strapped to your back. All it requires is a good pair of shoes and a sense of adventure. Whether you want to hike the trail system in your city, or set off into the great unknown, hiking is another excellent form of low-intensity exercise that provides your inner self with a connection to the outdoors and the space to just breath. Genealogy. If your idea of a hobby doesn’t involve working up a sweat, consider taking a metaphorical stroll through your ancestry. Thanks to technology, it’s now easier than ever to trace your family history. Not only does this hobby provide you with a fascinating look into your past, it also allows you to connect with others searching for their own ancestors. Upcycling. If you’ve got a crafty mind and are good with your hands, upcycling may be right up your alley. Transform odds and ends and other people’s “junk” into treasure by repairing and painting anything from mirrors to dressers to knick-knacks that others would just throw away. The best part? Upcycling is a great way to do your part for protecting the environment as it diverts trash from the landfill and replaces the need to purchase brand new items. Volunteering. If you love to help others, consider volunteering with a local organization. From working at a food bank, to reading to seniors, to coaching a kids’ sports team, spending time with those in need, or with the eldest or youngest people in our communities, is perhaps the most fulfilling hobby of all.


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Just like in Sudoku, fill in the grid with the digits from 1 to 9. Each group of digits must add up to the number that is just to the left or above it. No group can repeat the same digit twice. Although they are aligned vertically or horizontally, a group does not necessarily span the whole column or row. This means that although you may not repeat a digit within a group, you may repeat it within a column or row. There is no requirement to use all of the digits.


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