Courtesy of Glenn and Angie Ewanchuk


With Glenn & Angie

What the heck is Commisery? Ok this is the elephant in the room. But we think it’s something that needs to be said. The first time we heard these advertisements it made us laugh. Desperate attempts to gain business… but really anyone who is looking to sell a home should be looking at this from a different angle. Confused? Let us explain. Another company is offering to sell your home for ZERO commission. Oh yes we are sure you know what we are talking about. We know hearing this makes you think of course I want to sell for NO fees. BUT lets talk facts now. As of now all buyers who work with REALTORS® are under a buyer agreement that allows the buyer’s REALTOR® to negotiate a fee for service. REALTORS® get paid by the seller’s for bringing a buyer to their home. The buyer does not pay. This is a full disclosure policy. Which is a good thing, since now all clients are in the loop on how REALTORS® get paid. This was a question we always got asked by buyers. Now it puts it all into perspective. Here is where the problem is. These other companies advertise the listing on the MLS® and have an appointed REALTOR® from their company to represent them and most time will end up offering the buyer’s REALTOR® a commission, in order to bring a buyer and have other REALTORS® sell the home… BUT wait, they just advertised that you DON’T pay ANY commission. Seems sort of like a catch 22. You sign up to pay ZERO commission then you end up paying at least half of the commission plus the other company’s listing fees and all the MLS® fees. We have seen their company costs range from $700-$2,000 depending on what package you pick, plus these costs are up front before anything is done. Regardless if the home sells or not. What is the difference? When you hire us as your REALTOR®, we do not ask for expenses up front. We pay for all of the expenses even if the home should not sell. PLUS we are very experienced negotiators and are able to negotiate EVERYTHING in your favor, including condition terms, move in dates and after home inspection negotiations. Often after a home inspection there is a list of deficiencies that are often unfairly negotiated but the seller just wants to move on so they end up giving in. We have you covered every step of the way. Everything from advice on home presentation, showing arrangements, and most important, we are accessible when you need us! We believe if an offer on your home should come in the evening, it should be dealt with as buyers are excited and emotional at that important time. We have dealt with negotiations many times past midnight just to firm up negotiating for both buyers and sellers. Remember nothing is ever FREE and companies who claim this are just simply not

presenting you with all the facts. Have a great month everyone.

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