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AN ‘A TO C’ LOOK AT SOME COMMON REAL ESTATE TERMS Real estate is a complicated business and like with any distinctive profession includes its own unique jargon and terminology. Here is a sampler, covering some of the more common real estate terms. But those just in the categories of A to C. Adjustable-rate mortgage: A mortgage loan of this type comes with an interest rate that can change throughout the loan’s lifetime. Buyer’s agent: An agent that works strictly with buyers to find and purchase properties. Comparative market analysis (CMA): A process used by agents to determine the approximate value of a home based on the sale prices of similar properties in the area. CMAs help sellers set a listing price. Contract: A written and legally binding agreement between a buyer and seller outlining the details of a real estate transaction. Curb appeal: The appearance and overall attractiveness of a property’s exterior.

THE BEST TYPES OF FRUIT TREES TO GROW IN CANADA Trees are amazing: they provide shade, serve as home to birds and squirrels, convert carbon dioxide into life-enabling oxygen, and can produce a vast range of delectable treats. While many different types of fruit trees can grow in Canada, the two most popular are apple and pear. Apple trees are especially popular in Canada as they require little maintenance aside from the pruning of dead wood and the removal of dropped excess fruit. Apple trees benefit from the colder climate and therefore thrive in all regions of the country. Unlike with other types of fruit or flowers, apples can grow even when there is snow on the ground or frost late into the spring. Apple trees are also suited to any size or shape of yard regardless of climate or soil. If desired, you can even plant your apple tree in a pot. Pear trees are also extremely hardy and thrive in the Canadian climate. They can even be planted in proximity to apple trees, turning any suitable space into a mini orchard. Unlike with apple trees, pear trees will bloom earlier in the season, and will continue to bear fruit earlier in the summer – providing a visual display of blooms and a tasty supply of fruit for months. Pear trees are also heat resistant and will endure weather extremes that would kill other trees. Pear trees are rugged enough to survive virtually any climactic issue including droughts, high heat and excessive humidity. Pear trees can be planted anywhere in your yard, regardless of the available sunlight. As with apple trees, pear trees can also be grown in pots, a tribute to the species' resilience and versatility.

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