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INEXPENSIVE AND CREATIVE WAYS TO FILL A BLANK WALL Sometimes leaving the wall blank can be a décor statement in and of itself. It draws your attention to the space and can make a room appear larger. However, sometimes filling a wall with art, photos, furniture, etc. can help make a room feel complete. There are numerous ways to decorate a wall that can be inexpensive and more interesting than your typical photo or art wall. If you like the idea of making the room look larger, hang mirrors – either small mirrors in a grouping or a large mirror with a decorative frame – the reflection will make the room appear larger and there will always be something to look at. If the room’s size isn’t an issue, consider hanging a large statement piece like a tapestry, quilt or rug. Framed or not, these large pieces can add a vibrant and unique detail to a room and can be a focal point to which you base the rest of the room’s décor around. Something more family friendly, or even a great idea if you frequently entertain guests is a chalk wall. Paint the whole wall, or a portion, with chalk paint or adhere an old-school chalk board at eye level. There are many different chalk pens on the market or the basic white or coloured chalk sticks for kids or guests to let their creativity flow. The best part is, this type of wall art will always be changing and you can decorate it for the season. A final idea to add some pizzaz to a blank wall is to create a plant wall. Living, or artificial, plants can be hung in a giant configuration or a pattern or randomly in smaller groupings. Plants tend to make you feel more relaxed and if you go the live plant route, are a great natural air filter. Think outside the box if you have a blank wall and have a little bit of fun with filling it up.


Here’s your summer time reminder to make sure your ceiling fans are rotating in a counter-clockwise direction. Having them rotate this way will help move the cool air down leaving your rooms more comfortable.


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WORD SCRAMBLE Can you unscramble these letters into popular computer terms?


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Answers: Software Keyboard Mouse Hacker Username Monitor Server Download Password Printer


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