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Condo-dwellers vary widely in personality, occupation and stage of life, but there’s one thing everyone who lives in a smaller space needs – and that’s functional furniture! It isn’t enough to have just a couch or just a bed, large and small furniture items need to serve more than one purpose. Here are five hardworking pieces of furniture that will make the most of your condo’s space. A sofa bed. First up in the category of multi-purpose furniture – a couch that converts into a bed. And before you start thinking of a creaky, dusty hide-a-bed, know that today’s convertible couches are très chic. Built-in storage shelves. Built-ins are both beautiful and serve an important purpose – storing and displaying your cherished items. Install classic white bookcases or bamboo floating shelves, depending on your decor style. You can also go industrial with brackets made of old pipe. A storage bed. For the items you don’t want to display on a shelf, tuck them away under your bed. While the old way to utilize your under-the-bed space was the crawl around on your hands and knees, newer storage beds allow you to lift the mattress right up and slide in blankets, off-season clothes, wrapping paper – anything! Coffee table ottoman. The coffee table ottoman combo pairs sturdy construction with a cushioned top, meaning it can serve as a place to put your coffee – and put up your feet. Simply set a tray on top and use it for drinks, snacks and more. Fold-up laundry rack. Not exactly a piece of furniture, but a laundry rack you can pull down when you need and tuck away when you don’t is a space saving must. Even if you have shared laundry in your building, a fold-up rack in your condo is a great place to dry your delicates.

BRAIN TEASER - Alpha Cross Courtesy of

A. Sharp (5) A. Remedied (7) A. Protective garment (5) C. Hoard (5) C. Tapers (7) C. Group of bovines (6) C. Fake (11) E. Epoch (3) E. No longer in existence (7) G. Chivalrous (7) I. Lit up (11) L. Terse (7)

M. Award (5) N. Pleasant (4) N. Observed (5) O. Sumptuous (7) R. Send payment (5) S. Short tail (4) S. Begin (5)

The first letter of each answer is written next to its clue in alphabetical order. One letter has already been entered. Can you find the words then fit them correctly into the grid?

S. Powerful (6) S. Purposed (9) T. Rising current of warm air (7) W. Bet (5) W. Capricious (9)

L. Lackadaisical (7) L. Prevarication (3)


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