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JAPANDI STYLE What happens when you mix two unique design styles - one from Japan and the other from Scandinavia? You get Japandi (or Scandinese) which is a design blend that creates a serenity in the chaos of life. Centered around functional, tranquil and minimalist interiors, this design style has been around for many years but is making a comeback in homes around the country. The overall style is calming but can also be described as sleek yet rustic; monochromatic and earthy; minimalist and functional. Focus on neutral colours with black accents, natural materials such as light wood, stone and linen and texture when designing in Japandi style. Add in functional decor items like books, teapots and pottery highlighted by natural light and uncluttered spaces to complete the look. Bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens are the top three rooms where Japandi style is being incorporated but the style can be easily transitioned into dining areas, offices and living rooms.

PUMPKIN ORANGE BAKED OATMEAL INGREDIENTS 1 cup canned pumpkin puree ¼ cup maple syrup 1 large egg 1 tsp vanilla extract Preparation time: 10 minutes | Cooking time: 35 minutes | Serves: 6-8 2 cups old-fashioned oats 1 cup pecans (optional) 2 tsp pumpkin pie spice 1 tsp baking powder

¼ tsp salt 1 cup Orange Juice ½ cup milk or alternative

DIRECTIONS 1. Preheat oven to 375ºF. Grease a 9-inch baking dish, or 6 individual ramekins. Set aside. 2. In a large bowl, whisk together pumpkin puree, maple syrup, egg and vanilla extract. 3. Stir in oats, pecans (if using), pumpkin pie spice, baking powder and salt. 4. Stir in orange juice and milk. Pour into prepared baking dish. 5. Bake for 30 to 35 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the centre comes out clean. If using individual dishes, bake for 20 to 25 minutes. 6. Serve warm or refrigerate and serve from the fridge with your favourite toppings such as milk, maple syrup, yogurt and fresh fruit.

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Anna Eleanor Roosevelt is likely best known for her term as first lady of the United States from 1933 to 1945 during her husband, President D. Roosevelt's terms in office. She played an instrumental role in drafting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.



A new home is a blank slate for decor. Choosing the right colour for the walls in each room can set the tone for the space and set you up to love or just tolerate your home. There is something to be said for choosing a neutral colour and painting the entire home the same colour. It's easier, more economical and not as overwhelming. You can add colour to a home this way with accents - furniture, window treatments, linens, etc. Then if you want to change the look and feel of a room, you simply alter the accents and you don't have to worry about painting. On the other hand, if you want the walls to be the statement and painting is a step you want to take, there are a few things experts suggest to help pick the perfect colour. First, find out what you like - look online and in magazines and note which colours speak to you. Are you drawn to bold colours like tera cotta and lemon or are you partial to softer shades like sage or peach? Next, consider the furniture and accents you already own and how they would (or wouldn't) incorporate with the colours you love. It's best to choose a wall colour that would go nicely with the pieces you already have. Luckily, neutral furniture in grey, white or beige, for example will go with just about any paint colour. Finally, once you do choose a colour (or have it narrowed down to a few) paint test spots on the walls to see what the colour looks like in the daylight and at night with artificial light. You may be surprised how colours can change throughout the day. Remember, if you choose to paint and it turns out that the colour isn’t what you thought it would be and you don’t love it as much as you wanted to, you can paint over it pretty easily.

BATHROOM VENTILATION IDEAS Most bathrooms come equipped with an exhaust fan to help extract moisture from the room. But what if the new home you love has bathrooms without this seeming essential element? What can you do to ensure moisture doesn’t damage the room? First, if at all possible, hire a professional to install an exhaust fan. That would solve the issue quickly and in the best way possible. However, if that’s not possible for any reason, the next best option is to shower or bathe with the door and window (if there is one) open. This will allow moisture to escape and disperse into other areas of the home. For privacy reasons, leaving the door open may not be an option all the time. In this case, use a fan to help circulate the air and prevent the room from turning into an instant and unwanted sauna. Utilizing a portable dehumidifier in the bathroom during and after a shower can also help wick away excess moisture and prevent damage from occurring. A portable heater left on for 10 to 20 minutes after a shower can also help dry the air. Something else to consider is towels and bathmats made from microfiber will absorb moisture quicker than a typical towel which will help you and the room dry faster. Wiping or using a squeegee on the shower walls after each use will prevent moisture from sitting and evaporating throughout the day, and be sure to keep that shower curtain closed flat which also helps it dry. Plants that thrive in humid conditions can also be brought into the bathroom to help absorb excess moisture. Regularly monitoring moisture levels with a hygrometer is also a good idea. Relative humidity should be between 30% and 50%.


Q: It's autumn and there is a bush, a pine tree and an oak tree in the yard. What direction do the leaves on the pine tree fall when the wind blows from the west? A: A pine tree doesn't have leaves. It has needles. Q: What breaks but never falls, and what falls yet never breaks? A: Day and Night

Q: Why did Humpty Dumpty have a great fall? A: To make up for his lousy summer. Q: Why was Cinderella thrown off the basketball team? A: She ran away from the ball.

Q: What did the light bulb say to its mother? A: I love you watts and watts.

Questions: 1. May - Bean - Flag 2. Lamb - Pork - Karate

COMMONYMS What is the common trait in the three words/items listed? For example: the words; A car - A tree - An elephant: they all have trunks. These will make you think!

3. Road - Weather - Treasure 4. Penguin - Kiwi - Ostrich 5. Bad T.V. Shows - Stamps - Cheques

Answers: 1. Poles 2. Types of chops 3. Maps 4. Birds that don't fly 5. They all get cancelled 6. Ways stamps are sold 7. Pickles 8. Triangles 9. Teeth 10. Apples

6. Sheets - Books - Rolls 7. Chips - Sweet - Spears 8. Right - Love - Bermuda 9. Buck - Baby - Wisdom 10. Crab - Caramel - Candy

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Halloween is right around the corner and if you're handing out treats to little ghosts and goblins this year, you may want to look at how you can make the evening more accessible to the over 400,000 children in Canada that have disabilities that may prevent them from enjoying the holiday with their friends and family. Here are a few ideas to make your home more accessible. For children and families with mobility issues, it’s important to ensure your walkway and entrance are well lit and clear of any obstacles. If that’s just not possible based on the landscape of your home, consider setting your station up at the end of the driveway or sidewalk instead of at your front door. Yes, you’ll be exposed to the elements (and we all know it can get mighty chilly at the end of October) but you’ll get a good chance to interact with your neighbours as they stop by to say hello. Many children are sensitive to lights and sounds, so while Halloween décor is popular and really helps set the scene for children, consider leaving the strobe lights in the store, along with decorations with sudden, loud noises or jump scares. If you thrive on the scary, loud items, perhaps a sign warning of sudden, loud noises will help parents navigate their sensitive children to the next house. Find more ideas and inspiration online – just search for "accessible Halloween."

WASHING YOUR PILLOWS You use it every night yet how often do you wash your pillow? Not the pillow case (those should be washed at least every two weeks) but the pillow itself should be washed every six months or so and replaced every couple of years. You can wash it based on the manufacturer’s instructions by simply locating and following the directions on the care tag on your pillow. If your tag has been cut or torn off, then here are some tips to follow based on the type of filling in the pillow. Feather or down filled pillows can be washed on the gentle cycle in warm water. Use just a small amount of detergent; powder is ideal as it won't leave a residue whereas liquid detergent might. Use an extra rinse and extra spin cycle to ensure all of the detergent gets rinsed out. If your pillow is filled with polyester or synthetic foam, you can wash it just the same as a feather or down pillow. Unfortunately, latex or memory foam pillows can't be washed in the washing machine. Instead, you'll need to spot clean them with a damp cloth and then use a vacuum to suck out any dust, debris and dead skin that has accumulated inside. After your pillow is clean, you'll need to dry it thoroughly to prevent mildew from forming. Use low heat if you toss them in the dryer as some materials used in the production of pillows can pose a fire hazard if exposed to high heat. For the safest option, let them air dry on a laundry line. Regardless, be sure to fluff them occasionally to help promote even drying.

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