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Volume 10 Number 2

FASHIONINSPIREDHOMEDECOR Interior designers draw inspiration from everywhere – including the runway. Colour and texture trends are closely followed and then repurposed within the home and clothing items pop up as art installations and accessories or are incorporated into pieces of furniture. If you’re a fashion forward individual, or just want to introduce

a little haute couture style into your home, try scouring the pages of Vogue instead of House and Home . One fabric that has made repeated appearances over the years in both fashion and decor is velvet. As popular on pillows and curtains as it is on shoes and

handbags, this luxurious textile is best used to accessorize rather than as a main feature. Another fashion to decor crossover is the use of spikes and buckles on couches and chairs, jewelry- inspired minerals and

crystals on chandeliers, mirrors and frames as well as fringe on curtains, pillows and blankets.

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