Courtesy of Larry Cunliffe

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Volume 33 Number 5


One of the top features most homebuyers want – and current homeowners desperately need – is storage space. Luckily, most homes have the potential for much more storage than just closets and cupboards. Starting at the entryway, hooks are always a plus, particularly if there’s room for each family member to have their own. Smallish storage bins can double as a place to sit as well as somewhere to stash mittens and baseball gloves. And while bathrooms are rarely thought of as treasure troves of extra space, consider installing a discreet closed storage

shelf above the door. In the bedroom, take advantage of the space beneath the bed itself with shallow bins for extra shoes or wrapping paper. Don’t forget to utilize the back of your closet door with a hanging organization system for socks, ties, scarves and so on. If all else fails and you truly can’t fit any more room for storage, then perhaps it’s time to start de-cluttering and donating. Just think how good it will feel to clear up some space – and make someone else’s day.

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