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Volume 12 Number 03

THREEEASYDIYPROJECTS Almost everyone wants to have a beautiful home, but not everyone has the time or resources to make it a reality. However, by keeping things simple, you can slowly create your dream home one DIY project at a time. For starters, if you have an unused fireplace, turn it into a focal point by filling it with candles, logs – even books. If you’re still one to light up a fire every once and a while,

focus your attention on the mantle and add accessories that vary in size, shape and colour. Update your kitchen with a shiny new countertop appliance, a pullout spray faucet for the sink or – if it’s in the budget – new countertops. If a new cooking surface sounds divine, but the price doesn’t, check

out Pinterest for ideas on how to transform your counters without actually switching them out. Lastly, consider updating your artwork. When left in place for too long, art becomes

part of the background. Swap out your old pieces for something new and eye-catching.

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