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MAINTENANCE TIPS FOR WOOD SIDING Once the snow vanishes, sprucing up the exterior of your home becomes a priority for many. Here are a few tips for cleaning a home with a wood sided exterior. Garden Hose: If your siding isn’t too dirty, water could very well be enough to clean seasonally stained wood siding. Always spray at a downward angle to avoid chipping the painted surfaces and to keep water from getting into the siding panels. Homemade Cleaning Solution: There are any number of commercial cleaning products available that will wash away built-up grime. But there’s also a homemade cleaning solution that will do the trick: white vinegar, water and a scrubbing brush. This mixture can safely remove dirt, winter grime and even mould from wood siding. Just mix equal parts of vinegar and water together and pour into your garden sprayer.

Spray the mixture directly onto the soiled surfaced, gently scrub with your soft bristled brush and finish it off with a rinse from the garden hose. Bleach for Mould: If winter mould has really set in then more determined action might be required in the form of a mild bleach solution. The application process and rinsing efforts are the same as with the vinegar solution, with many users feeling an oxygen based bleach rather than chlorine-based is more effective at removing mould and gentler on the surface. Mix powdered oxygen bleach and water in equal parts and apply and rinse to remove mould. Allow the solution to remain on the wood for about 20 minutes before rinsing off. If mould still remains than a stronger commercial product might be required. Always test your cleaning solution in a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure it will not damage your siding’s finish.

HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT RUG FOR A SPACE One of the first tips on any home decor and design to-do list is to make sure your rugs properly fit your spaces. But what exactly does this mean? Here’s a breakdown of all the things you need to know before purchasing an area rug: Bigger is better. No one wants a tiny postage stamp rug that chops up a space. So go big for your home – when it comes to rugs that is. If you’re stuck between two size options, choose the bigger one. It’s not always about the furniture. Most guidelines state your rug should fit under the feet of all furniture in the room. While this is true, it ’s also important to take the whole room into account and not just the furniture layout. For example, a long room should have a rectangular rug that echoes the shape. Tape it out. Use painter’s tape to mark out where your rug should sit and then begin searching for something that fits those dimensions. Alternatively, if you find a rug you love, tape out its specific dimensions and see if there’s a way you can make it work. A beautiful rug is hard to resist! $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE to The White Spot . To claim your prize, please call me at 604.818.8442 and I will deliver it to you. Be sure to check the next issue for another winner! AND THE WINNER IS... KENSINGTON #414 MIKE GLEITMAN • Cell: 604.818.8442 • • NOW... You’re moving! Buying or selling, give me a call at 604.818.8842.

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