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Looking to add more plants to your interior, but lack the extra space? Consider a living wall system, which you can either buy or build yourself. The most common at- home living wall is made of non-toxic felt and contains pockets where you insert plants such as herbs, lettuce and flowers. DIY versions can be constructed out of old pallets or other materials. If you’re in need of inspiration, head to Pinterest and be wowed by the endless ways homeowners have brought a little – or a lot – of green into their homes.


Technological advancements, reliance on computers and the development of artificial intelligence and automation means the nature of work is evolving. And experts are saying education needs to evolve with it. But what does that look like? First of all, less emphasis will be put on a formal post-secondary education as individuals become highly skilled as self-taught coders, graphic designers and in other computer-based work. Talent comes in many forms and thanks to online learning platforms, workers are now able to acquire skills without attending university. Tech companies such as Google and Apple often train new employees through apprenticeship programs, much like electricians, carpenters and other trades have been doing for decades. The benefit of this approach is that students are able to earn an income as they learn, eliminating the loan debt that often bogs down a graduate of a traditional post-secondary program.

NATURE-INSPIRED FURNITURE AND DECOR If you love nature, you likely love nature-inspired home decor. And there are so many ways to use the materials and colours of the outdoors in your interior living spaces. If you don’t have these items yet,

consider incorporating them into your home. A wood- framed chair with the back and seat made out of woven leather or another strong textile brings the right blend of comfort and style. Seagrass baskets add a nice touch to bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms and are extremely useful for storing odds and ends. And why decide on one shade of blue when you can have several? Nothing says sea and sky like an ombre throw blanket that fades from a navy blue to a blue so pale it’s nearly white.

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