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The four islands in the Tropicana group each produce a different type of fruit. Can you match each island name with the type of fruit produced, the island population (293, 305, 328, 402) and its location (A-D) in the chain? 1. The Kolahani islanders in habit the island west of but no immediately next to Holahu island. Holahu doesn’t produce bananas or pineapples and has a higher population than Wahani island. 2. Molaku island isn’t the one with a population of 293, nor is it the one immediately next to the island with a population of 293. 3. The islanders who grow bananas inhabit the island east of but no immediately next to the island of Kolahani. 4. The island at location D isn’t the one with the highest population. 5. Molaku island (which isn’t the one at location B) is the next island due west of the one where papaya fruit is grown. 6. The islanders who grow coconuts don’t inhabit the island immediately next to the one where bananas are grown.


Back-to-school season is already busy enough with everyone figuring out their new routine and shaking off the more laidback vibe of summer. Add selling a home into the mix and the sense of overwhelm can begin to feel insurmountable. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t list your home during the late summer and early fall months. Decluttering, easy storage solutions and involving the whole family in keeping the home tidy should help decrease the stress – and hopefully make your home selling mission a success! Depersonalize. Create a house that buyers can picture themselves in by taking down school photos and kids’ artwork and packing them away. You can display them proudly once you move to your new home. Use storage bins. Buy or make simple storage bins and keep them in your closets and under furniture. Label them by family member and instruct your kids to place their belongings in their dedicated bin whenever they aren’t using them. It doesn’t matter if inside the bin is messy – as long as the mess is contained! Don’t do it all yourself. If your kids are old enough to help out, give them specific jobs they need to accomplish in preparation for a showing. For example, it could be their job to pick up everything in their room and put it in the storage bin under their bed. Or perhaps they can be responsible for wiping down the bathroom or doing the dishes. Don’t be afraid to store things in your car. If a last minute showing has you feeling unprepared, grab a few bags or boxes and toss extra books, school supplies and toys inside – then stick them in your trunk. It’s not like the potential buyers will be looking there!

Island Name Fruit

Population Location (A-D)

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328 293 402 305

Coconuts Bananas Pineapples

Kolahani Molaku Wahani



Location (A-D)



Island Name


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