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MAKING IT THROUGH A KITCHEN REMODEL If you’re thinking of selling, you may also be thinking about remodeling your kitchen. Kitchen remodels usually offer a high return on investment – and an outdated kitchen is a quick way to deter buyers. You may think that because you’re renovating to add value to your home and not just because you want a nicer kitchen, it will be a simpler process. But pros say that usually isn’t the case. Kitchen remodels are notoriously disruptive, because they take over one of the most important rooms in your home for weeks or months on end. This isn’t to say a kitchen remodel can’t go well. You just have to be prepared – and realistic. If you have the space for it, set up a makeshift kitchenette somewhere else in your home. Include a mini-fridge, electric tea kettle, toaster, slow cooker and portable grill. Also, choose a room and designate it as a “no construction zone.” Somewhere that isn’t near your kitchen, where you can hideaway and pretend the heart of your home isn’t a mess. And try not to stress. Keep your mind on the end goal – a kitchen so beautiful potential buyers will just have to make an offer. Yirka

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