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For sale and SOLD are not the same.


Sometimes when moving, you’ll find yourself in between homes a few days or weeks. While it would be great if you could move all of your possessions into your parent’s basement while you live in a hotel in the interim, that might not be possible. Thankfully, there are numerous short-term storage options available to people in this exact predicament. First, look for a storage unit that can be rented by the week or month where you can drive up, unload your possessions, store them and then come and pick them up when you’re ready to move into your new home. This is a great option as most storage units are monitored by cameras and/or security teams, are climate controlled and include pest prevention measures. If your area doesn’t have a self-storage option, you can look into a portable storage unit where the container is delivered to your home, you pack it up, and then it’s removed to a storage facility or a location of your choice such as your new home’s driveway or a facility across the country if that’s where you’re moving. These containers are very convenient, built to withstand harsh weather and elements and are professionally delivered and transported so you don’t have to worry about driving a truck full of your possessions from point A to B. Finally, some moving companies have storage facilities as well that you can rent space in. This can be handy if you opt for a full-service moving package where they will pack your items, store them and then deliver everything to your new home when you’re ready. 780.914.6494 |


VEHICLE THEFT PREVENTION Parking in your garage or parking structure so your vehicle is “out of sight, out of mind" is one way to prevent thieves from stealing your vehicle. If you don't have access to a garage or you spend your days at work where an enclosed parking structure is not accessible, there are a few other tips experts suggest you follow to keep your vehicle safe from theft. First, park in well-lit areas where other vehicles and foot traffic are nearby whenever possible. It seems obvious, but be sure to lock your doors and roll up your windows and keep the sunroof closed when you leave your vehicle. The more difficult it is to get inside, the better. If you leave your vehicle running and unattended to cool off (or heat up) lock the doors and keep the spare key on your person and not on the vehicle. When parked, if you engage the parking brake it will be more difficult for a thief to tow your vehicle away. Whenever possible, park in such a way to make it more difficult meaning if your vehicle has front-wheel-drive, park so the front of the car is inaccessible to a tow truck. Conversely, if your have a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, back into a spot. These few precautions can keep your vehicle safe and less appealing to thieves. Finally, installing a tracking system in your vehicle can help if it is stolen, but be sure to report the theft to police so they can use the tracking information to locate your vehicle. Do not go after it yourself for safety reasons.


For sale and SOLD are not the same.

WHAT DO THE TERMS MEAN? Even if you're not in the market for a new home, chances are you're hearing a lot about the housing market these days. Some of the terms can be confusing, so here is a breakdown of the more common ones. If you want further clarification on any of these terms, feel free to reach out! • Single-family detached homes: a free-standing house that is not attached to another house. A mobile home could be classified as a single-family detached home, but not always. • Attached/Row/Townhouse: a home that shares at least one wall with another home. • Condominium/Apartment: a unit within a building that is owned separately but shares common areas with other residents. • Days on Market (DOM): how many days a property was listed before conditions were removed and the property was considered sold. Low DOM indicates a seller's advantage whereas a high DOM is beneficial for buyers. • Buyer's Market: there are more homes than buyers so buyers have choice, more room to negotiate price and time to find the "perfect" home. • Seller's Market: there are fewer homes than buyers so sellers have an advantage. Often results in at or above-market sales prices, quick sales and multiple offers. As always, let’s talk if you have questions on the local market and the terms that are used most often when describing properties and the market as they do vary from region to region. 780.914.6494 |


OUTDOOR GADGETS Sometimes you go outdoors to avoid technology and reconnect with nature; but sometimes you want to incorporate the daily conveniences you're accustom to into your outdoor area. There are so many gadgets available online, but here are a few that you might find useful this summer! • Smart delivery boxes – if you’re worried about porch pirates, use a delivery box that immediately locks once a parcel is placed inside. • Smart faucet – connect your hoses and sprinklers to a smart faucet to control how much water you use and when you water your lawn/garden remotely. • Bluetooth speakers – a great addition when entertaining or enjoying an evening around the fire pit. • Lighting – from solar lights, to LED strings or permanent bulbs that can be customized from an app on your phone, outdoor lighting options are unreal these days. • Pest and bug repellent systems – Some electronic pest and bug repellent systems use ultrasonic frequencies to deter pests while others use fans to spread repellent scents around the area. • Birdfeeders – high tech birdfeeders have motion sensor cameras that record when a feathered friend stops by for a treat.


Housing Market Shows Strong Sales, Still Moderate Prices For sale and SOLD are not the same.

AVG. SALE PRICE Detached $529,957

AVG. SALE PRICE Apt. Condo $200,968



Edmonton, May 2, 2024: There were a total of 3,128 residential unit sales in the Greater Edmonton Area (GEA) real estate market during April 2024. New residential listings amounted to 3,909. Total residential average prices came in at $431,387, a 2.5% increase from March 2024, and 5.4% increase from April 2023. Detached homes averaged $529,957, increasing 2.5% from March 2024 and up from the previous year by 5.8%. Row/townhouse prices were up 4.2% from March 2024 and 12.5% when compared to April 2023, selling at an average of $294,417. Apartment Condominium average prices hit $200,968, increasing 3.5% over last month and coming in 3.7% higher than the previous year. “Sales continue to outpace last year’s numbers with generous margins.” says REALTORS® Association of Edmonton 2024 Board Chair Melanie Boles.“Sellers are doing their best to hold up their end, adding 8.7% more new listings to the market last month, and hopefully we’ll see

even more homes up for sale now that prices are steadily rising.” Overall, all residential listings averaged 36 days on the market.

Source: REALTORS® Association of Edmonton | Market values stated are of the average of Edmonton and surrounding region. Individual home market values will vary and are affected by factors such as location, size, interior and exterior condition. Please call to get an up-to-date evaluation of your home.


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