DMS Database User's Guide

Database Instructions – Table of Contents

Page 2 – Login Page 3 – Start Screen Layout Page 4 – Changing your Password Page 5 – Address Book – View client list Page 6 – Address Book – Edit a client record Page 7 – Address Book – Add a client record, Delete a client record Page 9 – Address Book – Sort client records Page 9 – Export Client List

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DMS Database – Getting Started

To login to the New DMS Database, go to and click on ‘Member Login’

You will need your new user name and password from the email sent to you.

In the login window, click the login link below:

This will take you to the new login page. Enter your username and password, click ‘Login’ to access your account.


Start Screen

Once logged in, you will land on the start screen – Events & News at DMS:

From the start screen you can: - Change your password - Access your clients from your Address Book - Export your client list to Excel - Access other helpful links


Changing your Password:

To Change your password, click

at the top of the page.

The personalization window will open.

Click the ‘Change Password’ button to change your password.


Address Book

Your client list is accessible through the Address Book.

Click Address Book.

To view all of your client list: 1. Go to ‘Search’ 2. Click ‘Basic Information’ 3. Click ‘OK’ (All search fields should be left blank)


This ‘blank’ search will retrieve all of your clients on your mailing list. If you would like to search for a specific client, fill the appropriate information in the search fields. Eg. Last Name, Phone Number, etc.

To Edit a Client Record

To Edit a Client, click on their name from the address book list. The edit window will open up:

Click the ‘EDIT’ button at the bottom of the page. Here you can update addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.


Adding a Client

To add a new client to your mailing list, go to the Address Book and open the ‘Edit’ drop down menu. Choose ‘Add Individual’ A pop-up window will open for the new address book entry. Fill in the client’s contact information and click ‘save’. This individual will be added to your mailing list. Repeat above steps to add the next client.

Deleting a Client

Click on the name of the client you would like to delete. This will open up the ‘Edit’ window. Click ‘Edit’ on the bottom right side of the window.


In the key fields list at the bottom of the client record, you will see a field to ‘Delete Client’. Click on this field to activate it. Click on the grey box at the end of the field, an ‘Edit Value’ window will pop up.

In the ‘Edit Value’ window, click on the value menu and choose ‘Yes’, click ‘OK’. Click ‘Save’. This will flag your client record for deletion. The system purges delete records every 24 hours.


Sort Client Records

Client records can be sorted by any column visible in the address book. Simply click on the column header to sort records. You can change the sort from ascending to descending order by clicking on the column header a second time.

Client Export

Click ‘Client Export’ from the menu on the left hand side. A page will open up to confirm your list download:

Your client list will export to an excel spreadsheet sorted by last name (a – z). To print your mailing list from the excel spreadsheet, delete the columns that are not needed, save and print.


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