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SELLINGYOURHOME INTHEFALL As the saying goes, real estate is a 365-day a year business. And just like with any season, there are pros and cons to selling your home in the fall. Fall can be a great time of the year to list as families have settled back into a regular routine after summer and the busyness of the winter season hasn’t yet begun. On the other hand, unpredictable autumn weather in some parts of the country may keep potential buyers indoors. Yet, no matter what the weather, there are a few things you can do to make your home stand out. Make sure your interior is clutter free – including seasonal decor. Also, if you have heavy blinds or curtains on your windows remove them to let in as much natural light as possible. And don’t forget to keep your walkways, porch and deck free from leaves – or snow! 3TIPSFORBUYINGANACREAGE Do you dream of a beautiful home on a quiet piece of land in the country? Perhaps you grew up on an acreage, or maybe you’ve always wanted to live on one. While some of the tips for buying a home in a city or town also apply to purchasing a home in the country, there are a few acreage-specific things you should consider first. Services and maintenance. Even if you’re buying a home with water, sewer and electricity already in place, there are other services you should think about before making an offer. Some acreages – especially if they’re located in a subdivision – come with weekly garbage and recycling collection, while on others you’ll need to handle it yourself. Also find out about snow removal and road maintenance. If your driveway is long, consider how you’ll keep it clear during the winter months. Likewise, if a property has a lot of grass it will need to be maintained. Insurance. Another difference between purchasing a property within the limits of a town or city versus one outside is the distance you’ll be from the fire station. Fire protection is a must, and your insurance premiums may be more expensive depending on how quickly the fire department can reach your home in case of a fire. Zoning. If your acreage-life dreams include a dugout, a workshop or any other major changes to the land, know that zoning ordinances may prohibit certain alterations and additions. Also, just as within a municipality, there may be bylaws restricting the kinds of activities that can take place on a property. It’s best to know the rules before you make a purchase!

How many words can you make from the letters in the wheel? Each word must contain the hub letter R. Can you find a nine-letter word and at least 20 other words of five letters or more avoiding proper nouns?

SOLUTION: Nine-letter word - NAVIGATOR Some other words of five letters or more containing the hub letter R: agora, antra, aorta, argon, argot, atria, grain, grant, griot, groan, groat, groin, intro, naira, noria, organ, raita, ratio, riant, riata, taira, tiara, train, varan, vigor, virga, angora, organa, rating, ration, raving, roving, trigon, virago, aviator, orating, vagrant, variant.


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