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MINI SANDWICHES Ingredients: Bread, peanut butter (or an alternative), jelly. Directions: Make like a regular sandwich, cut into bite-sized squares, store in fridge overnight. LEMONY PASTA SALAD Ingredients: Cooked orzo, lemon juice, olive oil, frozen spinach. Directions: Combine ingredients in a small container, let cool, store in fridge overnight. NO-BAKE FRUIT AND NUT BALLS Ingredients: 1/2 dried apricots, 1/4 cup prunes, 1/4 cup shredded coconut, 2 tbsp chia seeds. Directions: Combine ingredients in food processor and blend, roll into balls, store in fridge overnight.

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WHATTOLOOKFORWHENVIEWINGAHOME Looking for a new home is exciting and its easy to get caught up on paint colours and flooring. But those features can easily be changed once you’ve made a purchase. Instead, keep an eye out for these five things instead. 1. Is there rust on the HVAC, water heater or other large appliances? If so, this could indicate the home hasn’t been well maintained. 2. Are the roof’s shingles curling or are there any missing? A rough looking exterior roof could mean water has gotten through to the structure or attic below. 3. Do any of the interior doors look tilted? Tilted doors might be a sign of bigger structural issues. 4. Does any part of the home smell musty or are the window sills soft? Moisture damage can be a serious problem – especially if mold has developed. 5. How’s the neighbourhood? Are the other houses well-maintained? Are a lot of other homes in the immediate area for sale as well? You aren’t just going to be living in the house – you’re going to be living in a community as well.


Looking to add more plants to your interior, but lack the extra space? Consider a living wall system, which you can either buy or build yourself. The most common at-home living wall is made of non-toxic felt and contains pockets where you insert plants such as herbs, lettuce and flowers. DIY versions can be constructed out of old pallets or other materials. If you’re in need of inspiration, head to Pinterest and be wowed by the endless ways homeowners have brought a little – or a lot – of green into their homes.

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