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FIVEWAYSTOPUTSOMESPRING INTOYOURHOMEDECOR A spring in your step is one thing, but spring in your home decor will bring your daily surroundings to a whole new level of cheer. Here are five ideas to help to infuse your home with all things fresh, new and inviting. Add a tabletop terrarium. Place plants that share light and watering needs in a pretty glass terrarium and set on the coffee table, a side table or a stool. Try varying plants in colour and texture to create a miniature garden. Change things up with colour. If you’re feeling adventurous, try painting an entire room in a lovely spring colour such as moss green or pale violet. If you don’t feel like hauling out the rollers and brushes, add colour via accessories such as curtains, throw pillows and vases filled with fresh floral arrangements. Add interest with ombre. Create variations of the same colour by adding in increasing amounts of white, then paint a dresser, bookcase or even a feature wall in stripes – starting with the lightest colour on top and working your way down to the darkest. Let the windows do the talking. Let in the light by removing any heavy or outdated drapes and replace them with airy white curtains or patterned roman shades. Or consider forgoing window treatments all together in rooms that don’t require privacy. Say it with flowers. A grouping of floral artwork can brighten any space, especially if the images contain a variety of spring colours. This project is an easy DIY – simply find a graphic floral image online. Then, use photo editing software to make the same image yellow, red, green, purple, pink and blue. Place images in white frames and hang for all to see!

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SIMPLESPRING-THEMEDCRAFTS Spring is one of the easiest times of year to find home decor inspiration because it’s so full of colour and life. Insert fresh or faux flowers into the ends of wooden spools. Wrap the spools with various types of thread, yard or ribbon for an eye-catching look. Turn an old metal colander into a flowerpot and use wire to hang it on your patio. Try grouping several together and using them for herbs, tomatoes or annuals like petunias. Create framed pinecone decor by assembling an assortment of cones, spray painting them in colours such as pink, blue and yellow, and gluing them inside a wooden frame. Hand paint plain patio pavers to give them an individualized touch. Lastly, build a headboard out of a garden trellis. Simply have the hardware store cut it to size, then paint it a spring colour such as pale green or yellow and anchor to the wall behind your bed. 4. The most expensive opera costume of all time was worn by Adelina Patti at Covent Garden in 1895. It was worth £15 million. 5. Havergal Brian's Symphony No. 1, the “Gothic,” requires over 800 musicians to perform, including 82 string players. FIVEFACTSABOUTCLASSICAL MUSIC Here are five facts about music – for the Beethoven lover in all of us! 1. A single violin is made from over 70 individual pieces of wood. 2. The London Symphony Orchestra was booked to travel on the Titanic's maiden voyage, but they changed boats at the last minute. 3. Renaissance composer Orlando de Lassus was kidnapped many times as a boy because of his beautiful singing voice.

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