Home Trends Courtesy of Jason Cossette


DIY DECORATING STEP BY STEP Want a home that looks professionally decorated, but without the decorator’s fee? Feel confident in your own DIY decor abilities by following a few simple steps. First, gather inspiration online, in print magazines, on TV shows and at friend’s homes. Create a design board filled with images of all the things you want to incorporate into your space. Next, make a plan. Use your inspiration to come up with a style and colour scheme. If you still feel stuck or overwhelmed, go back to your design board. What elements are reoccurring? Is there anything in the images you just have to have? Finally, come up with a budget. What is the maximum amount you are comfortable spending? And remember – don’t feel discouraged if the number seems low. You can find stylish decor at any price point. To keep your budget in check, start by purchasing the most expensive item in the space, which could be a piece of furniture, a textile or beautiful artwork. Don’t be afraid to take your time. Creating a gorgeous room – and home – takes time and patience.

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