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COLOUR IDEAS FOR A BOLD LIVING ROOM There are those who want their living room to feel cozy. And then there are those who want their living room to make a statement. And don’t think a bold living room can’t also be a place to curl up and relax. The simplest way to make your main living space both relaxing and daring is with colour. For example, a black living room may sound dark and uninviting, but done the right way it can be an elegant, artistic take on the traditional. Think near-black walls paired with a variety or whites and greys. Then add in a few pops of your favourite bright colour, such as yellow, green or hot pink. To go the other direction, paint your walls bright orange and then decorate the space with neutrals like white and grey. If you’re really into colour matching, orange and turquoise go together beautifully if done right. The secret is to use less “look at me” colours to balance everything out.

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