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THREE INSPIRING DESIGN BOOKS TO ADD TO YOUR COLLECTION Thanks to newly published design books coming out daily, you can easily keep your interior spaces fresh with advice from the newest volumes. Plus, they’ll look beautiful displayed on a shelf, coffee table, or stacked up on the floor. 1. The House That Pinterest Built by Diane Keaton. This black tome with bold white writing certainly is eye catching. The text and images inside provide insight into Diane Keaton’s process of designing and building an 8,000 square foot home inspired by hundreds of the actress’ collected pins. 2. A Well-Crafted Home by Janet Crowther. If you have a creative and imaginative design aesthetic – and spirit – then Janet Crowther may just be your new best friend. In A Well-Crafted Home , the designer and DIY expert walks readers through 60 decor projects that are just as beautiful as they are fun. 3. Home Decor Cheat Sheets by Jessica Probus. Ever found yourself wondering how to best lay out bedroom furniture or what size of rug you should get for your living room? Home Decor Cheat Sheets offers the answers to questions just like these – all in a beautifully illustrated paperback.

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