Home Trends Courtesy of Shelly Battensby

Shelly Battensby


An accent wall doesn’t have to be one long expanse of colour on the main wall of your living room. There are actually many ways to create a fun or beautiful moment throughout your home, here are four examples! • Doors. Ever heard of an accent door? It might not be a common move, but painting – even wallpapering – a door can create an unexpected pop of colour or pattern in an otherwise neutral room. • Nooks. Got a funny little nook under you stairwell, in your front entrance or at the end of a hallway? Dress it up! Wallpaper works great in these situations as nooks are small by definition and thus can handle something bolder. • Ceilings. The interior design pros do it and so can you. Paint your ceiling a soft blue, a moody grey – even black if you’re daring enough. This feature works best if the rest of the room is more subdued, which leaves the ceiling as the star of the space. • Bookcases and shelving. A popular trend – and for a good reason. Painting or wallpapering inside a bookcase or on the wall behind built-in shelving can create a miniature world within your home. Love nature? Choose botanical wallpaper and then fill the shelves with plants, vintage books and driftwood. Have a passion for travel? Choose a paint colour reminiscent of your favourite destination and then add all your souvenirs to create a beautiful vignette.


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