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Shelly Battensby

SHOULDYOU BUY A FIXER-UPPER? Buying a home in need of repairs isn’t for everyone, but if you’re handy and have the time – it can be a great investment. Fixer uppers offer a way to get into the market at a lower budget and often get a bigger return on your investment, as the work you put in should pay off when you sell. However, there are a few things to consider before purchasing that charming house or condo in need of some serious TLC. For starters, do you have the cash to do the necessary repairs? Even if you’re not planning on doing all the renovations up front, make sure you have enough saved to tackle major repairs such as electrical or plumbing issues. Also, if you’re going to pick away at all of the smaller fixes over the course of a few years, you should still know howmuch of your monthly income will be going toward your home so you don’t end up living in a house you can’t afford to fix.


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