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PRO TIPS FOR THE MOST ORGANIZED CLOSET EVER How do the pros tackle closet organization? One step at a time!

First step – sort. Take all your clothes out of your closet and sort them into four piles. One pile is for the clothes you wear regularly. The second pile is for clothes you wear sometimes or the items you’d like to fit into someday. The third pile is for special occasion and seasonal items. The last pile is for the things you never wear. Now, take a deep breath and move everything from the Someday pile into the Never pile. The pros say it’s a difficult, but necessary step in creating a streamlined closet. You can probably guess the next step – donate the Never pile. If you’re getting rid of some high quality items, sell them on an online marketplace. Congratulations! The hard part is done. You can now vacuum and dust your closet and begin to put your thinned-out wardrobe back. Invest in some good quality wood hangers and hang your clothes up in an order that makes sense to you. For example, you may want to split work clothes and everyday clothes into sections, or prefer to put all of your tanks together, your tees, your cardigans and so on. Whatever organization method you choose, you can now breathe easier thanks to your neat and tidy closet.

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