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Shelly Battensby

CLOSING DAY CHECKLIST You’ve done it! You’ve put an offer on a home and it’s been accepted. You even have a closing date set. So, what next? Here’s a three-step checklist for you to go through before you get the keys to your new home. • Review your documents. Information from your bank, your lawyer, your real estate agent, the home inspection. Go through all the important documents you’ve gathered throughout the home-buying process and make sure you haven’t missed anything. If you aren’t sure about something– ask a pro. • Make sure your insurance is lined up. Your insurance should kick in the day you get the keys. Once they’ve been handed to you, the house – and anything that happens to it – is your responsibility. Make sure you’ve got it covered! • Have your closing day cash ready. You know that money you’ve been hanging onto for the ubiquitous “closing day costs?” Well, now is the time to spend it. We’re talking land transfer taxes, legal fees, title insurance, et cetera. You also may need to reimburse the previous owner for property taxes if they paid for the full year in advance.

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