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Paul Beauchemin

PASSÉ HOME DECOR TRENDS While how you decorate your home is entirely up to you, keeping up with trends as they fall in and out of style is a fun way to gather inspiration. According to industry experts, these three home decor trends are on the way out: White walls. They grace the pages of every design magazine, with many professionals declaring you can never go wrong with white. Sure, white is a nice clean backdrop for colourful furniture and accessories, but the newest trend is to go bold or go home. Colourful furniture against colourful walls – perhaps even walls in the same room painted different hues. Think less minimalism and more bohemianism and toss in some funky artwork and throw pillows to finish it all off. Word art. Everyone loves an inspirational saying, but trends like this one tend to take over. From signs in the kitchen that read “Coffee” to word art in the bedroom that waxes poetic about family – beautiful and heartwarming? Yes. Original? Not anymore. Try an idyllic landscape painting or a family portrait instead. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Bare lightbulbs. Once again, extreme minimalism has fallen out of favour for bold and colourful decor choices. Instead of a vintage- style bulb on a bare electrical cord, delicately detailed chandeliers, geometrically shaped lampshades and floor lamps that are both functional and good-looking are the new go-to trends in lighting.

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