Home Trends courtesy of Paul Beauchemin

Paul Beauchemin

DESIGN A HOME LIBRARY IN ANY SPACE Perhaps you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the books a person owns certainly speaks volumes about their personality. Although the majority of homeowners don’t have extra room to dedicate to a library, there are ways to incorporate book displays that are both space saving and eye-catching. Look for pockets of extra space in hallways, stairwells and landings to add built-in shelving. If you’d prefer to take your bookcases with you when you move, opt for freestanding furniture that can range from a small square cube to a massive multi-shelved unit. If you don’t have the floor space, create an eye-level library with floating shelves that wrap around an entire room. And if your book collection is small, or you’d prefer to display it in smaller groupings rather than all together, small benches, chairs and open storage shelves make the perfect home for your library.

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