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Paul Beauchemin

ENHANCE YOUR HOMEWITH SOAPSTONE After first coming into use 5,000 years ago, soapstone is quickly becoming the stone of choice for bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor living. Soapstone has seen a revival mainly because its colour variation, which is more subdued than in other natural stone, is more in line with the current trend of muted and tonal palettes. Whereas natural materials such as granite and marble tend to stand out and have more of a wow factor, soapstone blends into the overall design, lending a serene mood to any room. As for its durability, soapstone is nonporous meaning it doesn’t stain. It’s also resistant to chipping, but if a chip does appear it can be repaired with sandpaper. And because soapstone both absorbs and radiates heat, it can be used for specialty items like pizza ovens and foot warmers as well as in more traditional design applications such as backsplashes, countertops, flooring and sinks.

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