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Harvest regularly as once a crop is mature it will be a matter of days before everything is ripe needs to be picked. If you remove the mature vegetables from the stems, the plant will then have the ability to produce the smaller vegetables. Pick vegetables and fruit in the early morning as opposed to during the heat of the day as they’ll be sweet and juicy. Use scissors, a knife or pruners to remove vegetables like beans, cucumbers, tomatoes etc. Tearing them from the vine can damage the plant and make it susceptible to disease.

Whether you have a garden in your back yard or a planter or two on your balcony, the time will come to harvest your crop and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Did you know there’s more to harvesting your crop than just picking the fruits or vegetables from the vine? Experts suggest the following to make the most of your harvest: Do your research on when to harvest your particular crop. Some vegetables are ready to pick before they mature on the vine like peas, summer squash and turnips. Yet others, like tomatoes and melons need to mature on the vine in order to be at their peak flavours. Your seed packets will be a wealth of information.

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