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HOW TO BRING COLOUR INTO ANY HOME Got a white, beige or grey home interior? Want to breathe some life into it, but don’t want to start slapping all kinds of paint colours on the walls? There are actually several ways to bring colour into your home without ever having to lift a paintbrush. Bringing in colourful furniture, accessories and art can help offset neutral walls, while still maintaining the relaxing vibe a white or off-white home provides. For example, if you have a plain wall in a hallway or another space that serves as a transition – such as a stair landing – dress it up with a beautiful piece of art. It could be a landscape painting, a photograph of your favourite city, a vintage portrait or anything else that catches your eye. In rooms such as living spaces, bedrooms, even bathrooms with windows, add colour and pattern with full-length curtains. A bold floral pattern or colourful geometric can add a ton of personality to a room. The best part is that if you tire of them, you can just take the curtains down. Speaking of pattern, mixing patterns is definitely allowed and can give a room so much personality as the different colours and textures play off each other. Try adding in patterns with throw pillows and other textiles, patterned vases, even a patterned piece of upholstered furniture if you’re feeling brave!

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John Braconnier Maya Norton


If you want to create a unique home while also supporting local, these five Canadian home decor stores can help by bringing you unique handmade wares from all across the globe. The best part? All of these stores deliver Canada-wide! • Batiqua. Based in Vancouver, Batiqua sells throw pillows, placements and table runners handwoven by artisans. Goodee. From decor to furniture to kitchen supplies, Montreal’s Goodee has your home needs covered. Indigo Arrows. Winnipeg’s Indigo Arrows carries handcrafted textiles • •

featuring Indigenous patterns from hundreds – even thousands – of years ago. Maison Tess. Another Montreal home store to know about is Maison Tess. With their gorgeous bedding available in all kinds of colours, the only problem you’ll have is choosing one. Obakki. Looking for one-of-a-kind artwork, decor, textiles? Look no further than Obaaki. Based out of Vancouver, Obakki believes our homes should be intentional – and comfortable.

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John Braconnier Maya Norton

CANADIAN DESIGNER BRIAN GLUCKSTEIN AND THE NEW IDEA OF LUXURY Canadian design superstar Brian Gluckstein has helped reinvent the idea of luxury with his latest Princess Margaret Lottery Showhome. While past ideas of luxury included over-the-top embellishments like marble columns and homes so large you could get lost in them, today’s idea of luxury is more about a home’s ability to give us access to natural light, fresh air and plenty of space to work, play and relax. While still a very large 7,220 square feet, Gluckstein’s design approach to the home was all about creating a warm, usable space where residents could easily plunk down in front of a sunny window with their laptop, or curl up in the family room to watch a movie. He mixed white walls and furniture with black accents and lots of natural wood tones to create a home that was bright and beautiful, as well as balanced and accessible. According to Gluckstein, in designing the home “we didn’t define spaces with walls and doors in order to open them up and let people in.” This openness resulted in a flow from one area to another, with a definite touch of luxury – but more subdued. Thus making the space much more welcoming than the luxury homes of old.

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TIPS FOR HOMESWITH OPEN FLOOR PLANS Regardless of reports that open-concept floor plans are fading away from the spotlight – the truth is that many homeowners still dream of a space that flows from one room to the next. Why? Because it makes a home feel bigger, brighter and allows families to space apart without losing sight of each other, which is a great feature for parents with kids. Even if an open floor plan seems like a no-brainer for your personal lifestyle, they can actually be difficult to furnish and decorate because the different spaces aren’t automatically outlined for you. For example, a combined kitchen, dining room and family room seems great – but where exactly do you put the table? The sofa? The accent chairs? Where should you put the TV so you can watch it from any of the three spaces? The simplest way to solve this problem is to place the sofa across the middle of the space – facing into the living area. This defines the kitchen area from the living space, while still allowing for excellent sight lines so you can watch the game while also cooking a meal. Once the sofa is in place, you can then begin to fill in the rest of the area with the sofa acting as the anchor point.

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John Braconnier Maya Norton

All Residential Listings See Strong Start in January

AVG. SALE PRICE Single Family Dwelling $445,932

AVG. SALE PRICE Condo $224,566



Edmonton, February 2, 2022 - Total residential unit sales in the Greater Edmonton Area (GEA) real estate market for January 2022 increased 1.5% compared to December 2021 and increased 14.4% from January 2021. New residential listings decreased 8.9% year-over-year from January 2021. However, new residential listings are up month-over-month, increasing 55.7% from December 2021. Overall inventory in the GEA was down 14.8% from January of last year but increased 5.0% from December 2021. “The Edmonton real estate market in January saw a slight decrease in all residential listings from January 2021, our month-over-month activity increased substantially since December 2021,” says REALTORS® Association of Edmonton Chair Paul Gravelle.“While we have predicted to see sales decrease in 2022, we are expecting prices to increase marginally as move to a seller’s market.” Source: REALTORS® Association of Edmonton | Market values stated are of the average of Edmonton and surrounding region. Individual home market values will vary and are affected by factors such as location, size, interior and exterior condition. Please call to get an up-to- date evaluation of your home.



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