Home Trends from Tina Cipllaka



With cold winter nights just around the corner, it’s time to get your bed ready to keep you warm and cozy for the next few months. First up you’ll want to replace your cotton bed sheets with warmer flannel ones. Other sheet options to consider are bamboo and silk as they are breathable and help regulate body temperature. However, if you’re looking for the warmest bed possible, opt for flannel. Next up, follow this trick that hotels use. They often sandwich a thin blanket or quilt between two top sheets to help trap heat in the bed. Plus, with this bonus later, your body won’t be in contact with your comforter as much so you shouldn’t have to wash it as frequently as it can be quite the task to wash and dry especially if you don’t have a large capacity washing machine.

If you don’t have a comforter or duvet or are in the market for a new one (experts suggest replacing them every 10 years), look for one that has a high fill power – 600 or higher. Fill power refers to the amount of space the down (natural or synthetic) takes up and is not directly related to the weight of the comforter itself. Some with high fill powers may be lighter than others with a lower fill power. Finally, opt to cover the bedding with a throw blanket for the extra chilly nights. A heated mattress pad or electric blanket may also be an option for you, but check that they are compatible with your mattress and bedding first.


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