Home Trends from Tina Cipllaka



Many Canadians enjoy spending evenings in the spring, summer and fall around a firepit in the back yard. Traditionally everyone grabs a lawn chair, Adirondack-style chair or log to sit on to enjoy the sights, sounds and scents of the fire. However, this year you can soon become the very envy of your neighbourhood by installing a pergola with swing seating around your firepit. There are ready-made options available for purchase online or you can build your own. Here are the basics of what you’ll need if you want to venture to create one yourself. First, the pergola. This structure is most often made of wood and creates partial shelter and shade and is usually positioned over a garden or patio – or in this case, a firepit. The roof of

a pergola is a grid of beams which will allow smoke to rise and starlight to filter through. The structure doesn’t have to be square, or even rectangular; it can be a hexagon or octagon or really whatever shape suits your firepit needs. Swings, either singular or double can be attached to each section, or alternating sections for those who aren’t comfortable in a moving chair. Add blankets and pillows for increased comfort. Be sure to keep a safe distance from the firepit itself though. To further enhance the atmosphere, wrap lights around the beams and throughout the roof. Choose LED lights that change colours for an even neater experience.


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