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Front load washing machines are wonderful at washing clothes in less water and more effectively than their top load counterparts, but they are known to be prone to mould and thus an unpleasant odour. Don't despair though, with proper maintenance you can prevent this from happening. Removing your clean laundry as soon as the cycle is finished goes a long way to preventing mould from forming. Also, as soon as your laundry is out of the machine, wipe down the inside of the door with a microfiber cloth and dry around the rubber gasket just inside the door. Mould won't grow in dry environments, so be sure to leave the door open a few inches (if possible) to allow the drum to thoroughly dry out between loads. You can also wash the gasket with hot, soapy water after every few loads if you want

to be extra diligent. Just be sure to dry it thoroughly with a towel and leave the door open for a while to allow it to air dry. Experts also suggest using the right detergent for your washer (high efficiency vs. conventional formula), using less fabric softener (as it can result in residue buildup) and cleaning the interior of the machine with an empty, hot water wash cycle every month. By removing moisture and any residue that may have built up over time, you should have a mould and odour free machine.


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