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ALL ABOUT BUILT-IN GRILLS If you’ve always dreamed about adding a gorgeous, outdoor kitchen to your exterior space, you’ve likely also thought about what kind of outdoor grill you’d install. Grills are usually defined by the type of fuel they use and gas and charcoal are the two main choices. While a gas grill is the easiest to use and most flexible, a charcoal grill gives you the traditional barbeque taste and smell. You can also install an electric grill, which can be a great solution when the other two options aren’t available. An electric grill does need a plugin nearby, but if you’re creating a built- in space you can plan around your existing outdoor outlets. And because of their smaller size, an electric grill often costs less than gas or charcoal. No matter which way you go, make sure you follow your municipality’s regulations about where you can and cannot install a grill!

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