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HOW TO CREATE THE ULTIMATE OUTDOOR LIVING ROOM Whether your home has a balcony, a patio or an entire yard, here’s how to create an outdoor living room that will rival the comfort of your interior spaces. • Invest in high-end furniture. Gone are the rickety patio chairs of yore. Today’s outdoor furniture can be just as beautiful and well-made as your indoor pieces. Look for sets made from durable materials with high-performance fabric. • Install an outdoor cook area. An outdoor cook area isn’t just a fire pit in the ground. Depending on your space, you may have room for a full outdoor kitchen. If space is limited, then a grilling station does the job as well. • Don’t forget the fireplace. A cook station or outdoor kitchen may provide a bit of warmth, but there’s nothing like a full outdoor fireplace to take the chill out of a cool night. • Elevate the space with lighting. Being outside doesn’t mean you should only rely on simple, recessed lighting. Just as you would inside, create a balance with dimmable pot lights for more functional tasks, plus decorative fixtures such as pendants and sconces.

FOUR BEGINNER TIPS FOR MAKING DIY CANDLES Not only are candles beautiful to look at, they’re also a necessary item to have around the house in case of power outages. If you’ve ever considered making DIY candles, then check out these four beginner-friendly tips. 1. Choose a good wax. Beeswax and soy wax are two popular waxes that are easy to work with. 2. Try reusing an item for your candle’s container. Old jars, ceramic cups, even used glass bottles are all things you likely have around the house that could act as your DIY candle’s container. 3. Be cautious when adding scent. While a scented candle is nice, some candles can smell too powerful and take the joy out of lighting them. Go easy on the scent when you’re just getting started making candles. You can always adjust the amount in subsequent attempts. 4. Get the wick right. Placing the wick is one of the trickier parts of DIY candle making. You don’t want it to be too short or else you won’t be able to light it. Try keeping the wick long and then trimming it after you’ve poured the wax.

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