Home Trends from Kelly Dann



Many prospective homeowners are hesitant to even look at a home on a corner lot because of the added maintenance required with this particular type of yard. It's true, there will be more sidewalk to shovel and more grass to mow, but think about the positives of owning a corner lot when you're out looking for a new home. That extra grass means more space for children to play with maybe even enough space for a play structure or swing set to be set up. More yard also means more areas to entertain and the possibility of adding a large garden as well as a gazebo firepit instead of having to choose only one because of space limitations.

The house itself can end up being brighter with more natural light as there is only one neighbouring house to block out the sun. This open side also provides a better view and more privacy as your windows won't be looking directly into your neighbour's windows. Depending on if the home is on a busy street or a quiet neighbourhood street, another advantage of a corner lot is more parking space along the curb. Guests or teenage drivers won't have to play musical cars when it's time to leave. As always, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a corner lot with your real estate agent as they'll have a lot more insight having shown and sold these types of properties over the years.


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