Marketing Strategy for Real Estate

Compares different marketing methods you can use in your business.

MARKETING STRATEGY FOR REAL ESTATE LEGEND To be successful in real estate, you have to market yourself and get your name out to where the public will connect with you. Some marketing options can be easily executed on your own while others serve you better if you outsource them. Here’s a comparison chart to show you different ways to market yourself, their benefits and how to execute them effectively. - - N/A N/A N/A N/A $ $ $ High Cost $ $ $ Medium Cost $ $ $ Low Cost $100-500/month $500+/month <$100/month High Time Medium Time Low Time 16+ hours/month 6-15 hours/month 0-5 hours/month 30 365 365 30 30 30 On-going Monthly Yearly 30 365 If you would like help executing your marketing strategy, give us a call. - TYPE Phone Call Strong personal connection. Social Media Easy with a large audience. Sponsorship Set up once; highly visible. Advertising (eg. bus bench, etc.) Classic; visible in high traffic areas. Client Appreciation Event Exclusive audience; clients feel valued. Newsletter Print Tactile, consistent, valuable. Foundation to client connection. Newsletter Email Cost effective; adds a layer of connection. Note Cards Personal, easy; clients feel important. Coffee Meetings Face to face is the strongest connection. Neighbourhood Market Update Highly visible and targeted; shows stability in community. Just Listed & Sold Cards Pleases client; shows others you’re actively selling. Video Another face to face option! Benefit - - Think about the return you expect and actually receive on each of these and factor in the time and financial investments required. We know a successful marketing campaign targets specific audiences in a variety of ways. Can you successfully outsource any aspects of your marketing to free up your time? FREQUENCY OUTSOURCE TIME INVESTMENT COST DIY TIME INVESTMENT

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