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Tips forownersofbackyardpools Vigilance - Never leaveachildalonenearwater,noteven fora second.Don’tbedistractedbya ringingphone,doorbell, taskor anotherchild.Manychildrenwhodrowndo sobecausecaregivers lose sightof them fora short time.Bevigilant in supervisingchildren nearwater.Keep themwithinarms’reach in thepoolandkeepyoureyeson thechild. Assessment - Evaluate thepool todeterminewhetheraccess is limitedand toensure that safeguardsare inplace tokeepyoung children fromgetting into thepool.Checkmunicipalbylaws toensure thepoolcomplies.Don’t relyona singlemeasure to restrict access.Usemultiplebarriersandvarious strategies. Fence - Mostbackyardswithpoolsare fencedalong theperimeterof theyard.Four-sided fencing is recommendedbutmanyexisting poolshaveonly three sidesof fencingwith the fourth sidebeing thehouse. Ideally,another fence should separate thepool from thehouse. Gate - Ensure that thegateconforms to localbylaws.The latch shouldbe locatedwellaboveground levelandequippedwitha two- phaseopeningmechanism that self-locks. Lock - Install separatechild-resistant lockswellaboveachild’s reach.Useacombination lock rather thanakey lock (andadvisea neighbourof thecombination incaseofemergency.)Alwayskeep thegate lockedwhenno supervisor ispresent. Barriers - At least twoadditionalbarriers shouldbe setup (e.g., two fencesora fenceplusanalarm system.) Ifanadditional fence is not feasible,protect thepoolareawithanalarm.Many typesofalarmsareavailable, includingbeamalarms thatencompass thepoolas wellasalarms triggeredbymotion in thewater.Audiblealarmsonalldoors leading to thepoolareanoption. Supervision - Designateabackyardpool lifeguard.Anadult should supervisewheneverchildrenareusing thepool. Ifyoumust leave foramoment,designateanotheradult to replaceyouas supervisor. Ifnecessary,close thepooluntil someonecanassume supervisionduties. Life jackets - Childrenwhocan’t swim shouldweara life jacketorpersonalflotationdevice (PFD) ifyouarenotwith them in thewater.Waterwingsarenot recommendedbecause theydon’tkeep theheadabovewater.Keep somefloating ringsanda reaching pole inornear thepool.Even ifyoudon’thavekids,have somechildren’s life jacketsonhand for friendsand relativeswhovisit. Draining - Emptyunattendedwadingpoolsandbucketsofwaterand turn themover.Children candrown in just inchesofwater frompools,wells,orevenbuckets.

Located inSudberryManor JUST LISTED! www. arnold DearClients, Weallknowbuyingor sellingahome,whether itbea condominium,house,duplexor farm isoneof the largest transactionsyou’llmake inyour lifetime. Iwant to take thisopportunity to thankyou for trustingme to facilitate this transactionwithyou. It reallyhasbeenwonderfulworkingwithyou. To remindyou that I’monlyeveraphone calloremailaway, I’veopted to includeyouonmyprivileged clients’ listandwillbe sendingyouamini-magazineevery coupleofmonths. Ihopeyoufind the information inside useful inyour lifeandhome.Feel free to share themagazine,articlesand recipeswithyour friendsand family and let themknow if theyneedanyhelpwith theirnext realestate transaction,my contact information is frontand centeron the frontpage. I’mnever toobusy to chatabout realestate. $849,999

101-10620178St. Edmonton,ABT5S2E3 1 2 3REALTY

101-10620178St. Edmonton,ABT5S2E3 1 2 3REALTY



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ClientAddress HappyClient 123SunnyvilleRoad Happyville

Ihope tohear fromyou from time to timeand seeyououtandabout.Letmeknowhowyournewplace is, whatyou thinkabout theneighbourhood,how thekidsare,etc. I’d love toknow.

www. arnold

www. arnold

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Volume 7 Number 9

Education - Ifyouhaveapool,cottageorpropertywithaccess towater,youmustbeyour family’s lifeguard.Make sureyourkids learn to swimandhave themcomplete theirBronzeMedallion. Enrol them inLifesavingSocietycourses so that theycan learnhow tobeWaterSmart®before they get in toodeep.Learnbasicfirstaidandhow todoCPR.Never swimaloneandencourageothers to swimwithabuddy. TheLifesavingSociety isanational,charitableorganizationworking topreventdrowningand water-related injury.PoolownerscanpurchaseWaterSmart® resources, includingdetailed information,brochuresandavideo.Formore information,visit

Take care,

You’ve found your dream home; it has everythingon your “need” listandpractically everything on your “want” list. Just onemore walk through and you’re ready to put in an offer. There are a few things you should take a lookaton your lastwalk throughother than the number of cupboards in the kitchen though. For instance, take a look at the electrical and plumbing systems. Electrical panels should be 200 amps as anything lower may not provide enough electricity and you may be forced to upgrade after buying.When looking at the plumbing, take note of what kind of pipes are used. You should see copper or PVC pipes in most new homes. Lead pipes could be found in older properties and would likely need to be replaced sooner or later. Hiring a qualified home inspector to look at these items as well as the insulation, brickwork, furnace, drainage systems, roofing, etc. is a good idea before you buy. INSPECTTHE UNEXPECTED

Take a quick look in your refrigerator and see if you keep any of these items in it. If you do, consider moving them so their flavours stay more intense and they don’t go bad in the fridge. • Hot sauce - store it in the pantry instead. • Potatoes - keep them in the pantry in a paper bag. • Bread - keep it on the counter or in a bread box, or freeze half a loaf if you won’t consume thewhole loaf before the best before date. • onions and garlic - keep them in their original packaging in the pantry so air can circulate around them • Tomatoes - store them loose on the counter or in a paper bag to speed up ripening • Coffee beans (and ground coffee) - store your favourite blend in the pantry in an airtight container. With spring in the air, bringing floral patterns andaccessories into your homemakes you forget about winter and think of the lovely spring and summer days ahead. Add floral pillows to yourcouchandchairs if youwant to start smallandnotbe tooaggressivewith the floral influence. For something bolder, bring ina chairwitha floralpattern on it. Be sure at least one colour in the pattern goes with thecolour schemeof the room to help createa sophisticated look.Floralpatterned wall paper can turn any room into a lively space - choose a focal wall and cover it or incorporate a floral patterned paper into architectural pieces like wainscoting. Or you can draw everyone’s eyes down to the floor with a carpet inspired by flowers. Experiment to see what works with your space to help youwelcome spring. AFLORAL INFLUENCE FOOD STORAGE

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P.S.Themini-magazineyou receive frommewillhelp to restoreCanadian forests.Eachyeara treewillbe planted tooffset thepaperused inmymailing. In fact,a treehasalreadybeenplanted! Ifyouwould like to receiveanelectronicversionof thismini-magazine instead of thisprinted copy,please letmeknow.

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PrivacyDisclosure: We respect yourprivacy. The sponsor indicated on the frontpanelprovidesacomplimentary subscription of thispublication to you,a valued client. Ifatany time or forany reason youdo notwant to receive this publication,please contact the sponsor using any of the contact info on the front panel, and your personal informationwillbe removed from themailing list immediately.Without response to this cancellation offer,we assume your impliedconsentandpermission tocontinueprovision. Disclaimer: Thispublication isdistributed for thepurposeof informationonly. It is not intended to solicitbuyersor sellerscurrently undercontractbya realestate firmor undercontractwithanother Broker, nor is it intended tocause or inducebreachofanyexistingagreement. Distributedby: Copyright© 2014 AllRightsReserved / Printedon recyclablematerial PrivacyDisclosure: We respect yourprivacy. The sponsor indicatedon the frontpanelprovidesacomplimentary subscriptionof thispublication to you,a valued client. Ifatany timeor forany reason youdo notwant to receive this publication,please contact the sponsor usingany of the contact info on the frontpanel,and yourpersonal informationwill be removed from themailing list immediately.Without response to this cancellation offer,weassume your impliedconsentandpermission tocontinueprovision. Disclaimer: Thispublication isdistributed for thepurposeof informationonly. It is not intended to solicitbuyersor sellerscurrently undercontractbya realestate firmor undercontractwithanother BrokerorMortgage Specialist, nor is it intended tocauseor inducebreachofanyexistingagreement. Distributedby: Copyright© 2016 AllRightsReserved / Printedon recyclablematerial

Mailing Months January February

Centre Page* Due December 31 January 31 February 28

Mailing List Changes By December 15 January 15 February 15

Front Page Artwork December 15 January 15 February 15

Back Page** Artwork December 22 January 22 February 22


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*Centre Pages: If you would like to include an additional 81/2 x 11 insert page, you can supply us with your insert page or you can send us a pdf of your insert and we can print it for you. The cost to print is 30 cents double-sided colour and 10 cents black & white.

** Back Page Changes for Flexletter: this change is referring to the option of replacing the back page article with your own article. Stats will be updated as they are provided by your local board.

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