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Pat Lanuke


A growing design trend is painting a chevron pattern onto a wall to act as a focal point of a room. Used in bathrooms, bedrooms and hallways, this trendy wall décor trick is easy to accomplish and there are a few neat hacks to make the pattern repeat perfectly. • Use sponges as a stamp. To do this, you’ll need a few sponges cut into thin strips and a piece of cardboard that is easy to hold and reposition as it will act like a stamp. Glue the sponges in the chevron pattern onto the cardboard and dip the sponges into a paint tray. Press the stamp onto the wall a few times before reloading with paint. Eyeball it. If you have a small wall, like in a bathroom or at the end of a hallway, this method might work best. Get a 1” paintbrush and a can of paint and freestyle on the pattern. The inconsistency of the •

lengths, angles and spacing will add a unique aspect to the pattern. Measure and use painting tape. This tried and-true method will take longer, but will allow you to create a thicker chevron pattern than a sponge or paintbrush can. Use painter’s tape to tape off the part of the wall that will remain the background colour and use a paint roller to add the pop of colour you desire. Wallpaper. This hack might be the safest one if you’re adamant on the pattern being perfect. You can also use a paintbrush and paint over the wallpaper pattern if you can’t find one that matches the colour scheme of your room. Regardless of how you get the pattern onto the wall, it is sure to add interest to any room. You can even stray from the trendy chevron pattern if you so desire.


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