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2018 - Issue 2

2018 - Number 2

Mixing your marketing up.

What's Inside: Turning a Customer into a Loyal Advocate Follow our formula to get loyal customers. Just Sayin' We promise you we are not the only ones that think combining print and digital is a good idea. Upcoming Events Tack on an E-Newsletter



Turning a Customer into a Loyal Advocate I don’t think REALTOR ® training fully equips you for the all roles you have to take on when you sell houses! Aside from being a stellar sales person, master negotiator and amazing business person, a great REALTOR ® needs to be a therapist, a teacher and a mountain mover. And this all has to occur sometimes even before the contract is signed! You pour your heart and soul into this business and the people you work with. So after all of the heart you put into each client, they’re certain to be loyal to you for the rest of their days, right?! Yes! And no. Loyalty is a lot like Rome: it’s built day by day. There is a science to promoting loyalty with your clients. Loyalty is directly proportional to how valued your clients feel they are. Loyalty is built when you are consistent, offer value and ask for business. Many of you have heard this formula from us before and trust me, you’ll hear it from us again because it’s the most important thing you can do for your past clients! Make them feel appreciated and valued and they will bring business back to you again and again.

You don’t earn loyalty in a day. You earn loyalty day-by-day. – Jeffrey Gitomer

There’s proof in the numbers – The National Association of REALTORS ® surveyed home buyers and sellers and found 88% of people who used a real estate agent to buy or sell would use your services again or refer you to the people they care about . And according to a consumer research study done by RE/MAX, 69% of your clients expect to hear from you after the real estate transaction has closed . That’s because you’ve sold them on your value and what you have to offer and they want to keep the relationship going that you’ve created. If you want those clients who are sold on your services to stay loyal - follow the formula! Here’s how it works:

BE CONSISTENT. Consistent communication continues the comfortable connection you’ve already created with your client. Comfort is a good thing because when your client has a real estate question, they will ask you, the person they’re comfortable confiding in. Consistent contact can be many things: it could be a phone call, a newsletter, a video message, an email – anything you know your client can see, hold and hear on schedule. That’s really the key -

OFFER VALUE. Your clients want their connection with you to be worthwhile. So however you choose to consistently connect with them, you want them to perceive value in that connection. The important thing to note here is that value to this past client is not necessarily real estate based, many of them are no longer thinking about buying and selling, it has to be based on their place in life right now. Mix it up a little! Send a newsletter full of decorating trends and entertaining ideas for their new home, send a video with an explanation of the newest mortgage rules or start a Facebook live video and introduce the hottest new restaurant in your neighbourhood. The value items your past clients can relate to are the ones that will keep you top of mind.

ASK FOR BUSINESS. Just the fact that you’ve decided to stay in contact with your past clients tells them that you’re ready to take on any business they send your way, but you can make this even clearer by asking. Most people like to follow directions so if you tell people to ‘call you with any real estate questions’ or ‘refer your friends and family’ you are more likely to get those phone calls than if you leave contact up to their discretion.

schedule your connection so it happens on time, every time.

Your past clients want to be your greatest advocates. You can encourage their loyalty by following the three simple steps: Be consistent. Offer value. Ask for business. Show them your appreciation and watch the business come back to you. DMS Connect can help keep your connections consistent and valuable with our Mini-Mag and E-newsletter programs. Start connecting today.

Just Sayin’ When logging into Mail Chimp today (yes, we use the popular email program to make landing pages for our ad campaigns on Facebook) I was interrupted with a surprising pop-up… Mail Chimp offers post cards. Why am I telling you this? Because it drives home the fact that multichannel marketing works. If Mail Chimp (a world-known email program) is offering print, alongside their digital services – it must be true, right?! We encourage our clients and sphere to use more than one marketing approach when connecting with clients. Print, email, in person connections and social media all have their benefits alone and can keep you top of mind with your sphere, but combining at least two channels will have an even greater effect. Here’s what Mail Chimp had to say about it… A postcard campaign helps you stand out from the crowd because it gives people something tangible to remember you by. Postcards reinforce the messages you’ve sent through emails, ads, and elsewhere, which makes them a smart addition to your multichannel marketing strategy. – Mail Chimp Replace postcard with print and it’s like it came right out of our mouths! It works the reverse way too – if you have a print campaign in place, adding a digital aspect will also help keep you top of mind and reinforce the messages you’ve been sending. The bottom line is this, if you’re not connecting with your sphere of influence to stay top of mind: start. If you are connecting, but aren’t finding it as prosperous as you thought it would be: add to your mix. If you have a mix and are finding you’re not top of mind: call us; maybe your messaging can be tweaked to be more effective.

FACEBOOK UPDATE One goal of our Facebook page was to receive a certain number of likes/followers. The surprising (and much appreciated) bonus of having our clients like us is they have given us great reviews on our page - without even being asked! Here’s what else we tried in Facebook recently: • Facebook Business Manager allows us to manage our business page, create ads and more. We now do all of our page updates and monitoring here. We even created an offer and an ad to promote our services. You might consider creating an offer for some of your resources or for people to sign up to your newsletter. • We tried Facebook Stories when we were collecting donations for the Hope Mission's Summer Camp drive by compiling photos of our growing donation pile. Facebook says Stories allow pages to "engage their audience in a more frequent, authentic and casual way to develop deeper connections." • Videos are still a great way to keep your page showing up in your follower's feeds. Facebook is looking for engaging content so the more comments, likes and shares your videos have, the more people will see them. It’s been a while since we posted a video yet we still have people watching them – it does work! How’s your social media marketing going? More specifically Facebook? Have you tried the Business

Manager and Ads Manager tools yet? We would love to hear your feedback and input on this topic.

UPCOMING EVENTS & OFFICE VISITS: • RE/MAX Elite Golf Tournament – August 23, 2018 • REALTORS ® Association of Edmonton: REALTOR ® Summit - September 19, 2018 • Dwayne Groome Training: Edmonton – September 25, 2018 ( • Dwayne Groome Training: Calgary – September 26, 2018 ( If you’d like for us to visit your office and give a presentation on marketing, or talk about the value of relationship marketing, please give Laura a call and book a meeting! 780-489-2969 or 1-800-309-1747. We’re travelling in September and October and can likely make a stop at your office!

TACK ON AN E-NEWSLETTER Combine print with digital by adding an E-newsletter to your Mini-Mag or vice versa. Reach your prospects, clients and past clients with two unique communication tools. The content differs between the programs so readers will have new content with each newsletter they receive. The benefit of sending two newsletters is you’ll provide consistent, valuable content and stay top of mind with readers. Call us today to order your E-newsletter or Mini-Mag!



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