Who you should stay connected with

Building a client list takes time. Here are some ideas of who to add to your list.

WHO SHOULD YOU STAY CONNECTED WITH? Along with your clients, the people you need to stay connected with to grow your business are your: 1. ADVOCATES 2. QUALIFIED LEADS 3. ASSOCIATES 4. SERVICE PROVIDERS BONUS TIP: The average person moves every 6 to 8 years. How many people do you need to connect with to sustain and expand your business? If you’re consistently and effectively connecting with 150 people, you can expect a potential of 18 deals per year (150 contacts ÷ 8 years) from those contacts. Start here to build your contact list:


ADVOCATES These people are your hottest leads - its crucial that they end up on your list.

Clients past clients current clients

Family in town family out of town family significant other’s relatives

Friends current & past neighbours significant other’s contacts friends living near & far

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QUALIFIED LEADS This is a great way to stay top of mind with potential clients.


Open House Contacts

Leads You Have Met With

ASSOCIATES These people will help to extend the reach of your network.

Social social media network fellow board members church members college roommate fellow hobbyist community workers

Business Network mortgage brokers insurance agents non-competing REALTORS ® your banker corporate executives politicians who know you

Contractors your painter your plumber your decorator your electrician


SERVICE PROVIDERS You never know who you will run into that could be a potential client.

Sales People car salesperson your travel agent your photographer

Local Business restaurant owners local coffee shop barista neighbourhood business owners hair stylist/ barber

Other family dentist family doctor computer tech your “guy”

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