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Buying a home is one of life’s huge milestones. Here’s an outline of the whole process, broken down into five steps, which should clear up some of the confusion and help you to feel more confident as you move forward in your home buying journey.

Step 1: Figure out your finances. It ’s always a good idea to have the financial side of things figured out before you begin looking for a home. Making an appointment to get pre-approved for a mortgage will help streamline the process once you do find a property. Plus, it gives you an upper limit for your budget. Step 2: Organize your paperwork. Mortgage lenders are going to want to know your income, what you currently own and your current level of debt. By organizing all of your documentation beforehand, you’ll save time and the lenders will appreciate your preparedness. Step 3: Talk to your real estate agent. You can talk to your agent before any of the above steps – that ’s what they’re there for! Real estate agents are experts in the home buying process and will be MAY JOKES FOR KIDS Courtesy of 1. What did the spring say when it was in trouble?

able to answer any questions – big or small. Step 4: Begin the search. Have your agent find properties that fit within your parameters, or do some online shopping and bring potential homes to them. Remember as you visit these properties to prioritize things like if the home is in good repair; don’t get caught up on paint colours and decor. Step 5: Make an offer. You’ve found a home you want to purchase – hooray! This step is exciting, but it ’s important to keep a level head, as property sales don’t always go through. Approach this step of the process as more of a business transaction. Once everything is signed and the money has been transferred to the previous owners, then it ’s time to celebrate.

6. What starts growing in the spring and then goes POP? 7. Who conducts the spring orchestra? 8. If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? 9. What goes up when May rain comes down? 10. Why are oak trees so forgiving?

10. An umbrella. 11. Every May they “turn over a new leaf.”

6. MAYbe. 7. May-ze

2. Which crime fighter likes May the most? 3. What season is it when you are on a trampoline in May? 4. Who’s the most important person in a Spring wedding? 5. Which month can’t make a decision?

5. The MAYtron of honor.


1. Answers: 2. May Day! 3. Robin 4. Spring-ti

9. Pilgri ms.

8. May-stro.


CROSSWORD In this crossword there are two clues for each word. Can you work out which is true and which is false?

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