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HOW OUR ANCESTORS BEAT THE HEAT On a scorching hot day, it may seem like air-conditioning is the only answer. Yet, our ancestors survived for thousands of years with nothing but open windows. How did they do it? Today’s standard eight or nine foot ceilings may save on construction costs, but they don’t allow heat to rise. Homes of the past often had higher or vaulted ceilings to allow the heat to move above the living space. Placement of windows and doors also played an important role in keeping homes cool. Openings located directly across from each other allowed for maximum air flow and created a cross-breeze. Furthermore, homes of the past were built according to the climate they were located in. Today, houses are often built with cost in mind or according to trends – forgoing what is best for the home’s specific location. GREEN YOUR OFFICE Looking for ways to make your office space a little more eco- friendly? Whether you work for a company or for yourself, there are many ways to green your office. Here are three ideas! 1. Print on both sides of the paper. This will cut your paper consumption by fifty percent – which will also cut costs in half. 2. Change all the lightbulbs in your office space to LED. Or, if you work in a very large office, start by changing just a few at a time. LEDs not only cut energy consumption, but they also save money as they last up to five times longer than comparable bulbs. 3. Replace disposable items in your office’s kitchen and washroom. Replace disposable plates, cups and cutlery with reusable ones. And don’t forget to replace any paper towels with hand towels. TREND ALERT: BUTTERFLY MOTIFS Butterfly motifs are an excellent way to add whimsy to your interior decor. From throw pillows with graphic prints of butterfly silhouettes to colourful wallpaper landscapes of butterflies in a field – there are so many opportunities to incorporate these beautiful and slightly mysterious creatures into your home. Printed shower curtains, figurines, dishes and the list goes on and on. Plus, if you’re feeling creative, you can paint your own one-of-a-kind butterfly artwork to hang on your wall with pride. INCLUSIVE FASHION The fashion industry isn’t particularly known for its inclusivity. But that’s all changing thanks to designers such as Roxy Earle. While the former reality-TV star doesn’t have a formal fashion education, she was inspired by fans who constantly expressed their frustrations to her over the lack of stylish, plus-sized clothing available. In a partnership with Canadian clothing store Le Château , Earle is on a mission to revive plus-size clothing by ensuring it is actually designed with plus-sized women in mind. In the past, many clothing brands have simply enlarged items without considering how they would actually fit, but Earle plans to change the broken system – all while empowering women to love themselves just as they are.

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